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Old Remote not working!

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I've rebooted the router the talktalk box, 3 times, changed batteries but remote does not work. Guide wont load, changing channels and the pause/play function not working. The remote is several years old and probably needs replacing.


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YouView are looking into an issue with the Guide not loading correctly. 


You can try a Youview Maintenance Reset  to see if this clears the issue in the interim.




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I've been experiencing problems too, now I know talk talk are on the case I can chill


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You can check if your remote buttons are working by using your smartphone camera.


If you pint the remote at the camera and press a button you know works, it will show as being lit up.


Try the same with a button that doesn't seem to work. If your remote is faulty you will not see it.


Have you tried resetting the remote?


You say you have rebooted the box. Was this by disconnecting the box from the mains or by pressing the on / off button until the box restarts?


If not try one of these to see if the box responds.


Let us know how you get on as there are other resets you can try if still having issues

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There is a problem at talktalk with the boxes . They say they are trying to fix it . It would help if they had told us instead of letting us all reset ,new batteries etc.