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TalkTalk 4K Box issues

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Initially I have contacted TalkTalk to discuss my options as I was unable to access ITVX with my TalkTalk Plus box. Despite me having read the options on the website and saying I wished to be able to record, I was sent the TalkTalk Hub which doesnt record. This has now been swapped for a TalkTalk 4k box however this will not pause Live TV (despite the website saying it can) and when I try to set up the USB stick for recording, I get an error message saying it is unable to format the hard disk. This box has been swapped for another 4K box and the issues are identical. Has anyone managed to set up a 4k box to record and should it be able to pause live tv or not? Having spent 90 mins on chat with Julie from Tech Support, she says it cant pause live tv despite what the website says and first I needed to format the USB in a PC and then I didnt need to format it; just connect to the box and press Record - that doesnt work Julie, I get an on screen message telling me to format the USB. Her only solution was to send another box which has the same issues. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? TIA


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Our help article explains this a little more : 


You can pause live TV and then restart viewing or fast forward / rewind back to the point you paused the programme. However, you cannot immediately rewind live TV to an earlier time.




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What size usb stick are you using? Where did you purchase it from?

The reason I ask is that a maximum size stick is 1TB, but true 1TB sticks take so long to format. The recommended size from most users is 256gb. Bearing in mind YouView boxes were 320gb this is felt adequate.


Also you need to have bought it from a reputable retailer. Auction sites are awash with fake sticks and advertised 1TB sticks have been known to be no more than 32GB.


The 4k box is very good at spotting these fakes and won't complete the formatting if there is an issue.


As for rewinding, the box uses time shift so you have to press record first then play. This then allows you to rewind yo the point you pressed pause. You have to do this each time you turn the box on and each time you change channel.


If you search your Netgem 4k box manual, you will find the generic manual which is basically the same as your box.


Hope this helps.

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