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First Timer

Hi I am trying to contact any UFO users to ask if they have got callsafe and if so is it working. I started with UFO as soon as it arrived in York (Huntington), when callsafe was introduced I was informed it was not available to UFO at that time. I was checking my account 28th June and saw that callsafe was now there and it's status was on, how ever I still get calls from scammers saying they are from TalkTalk ( I know their not) and from sales people. I can't edit anything it just sits there saying Im on, I think the guys in Preston are ace but not sure how to handle this one. All I ask is should it be on my account and if so can someone say if they can get it working or not.

Terry E
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @Terry0650


Thanks for you post. 


There is a known defect on UFO lines which is still being worked on, so currently CallSafe in not functioning for UFO customers, Sorry. 


If you would like me to disable it let me know.