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Attempted Upgrade Gone Wrong

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Hi, could I please get confirmation of what is happening with my broadband account(s) - I was unable to get any clear answers from the online chat.

I recently attempted to upgrade to Fibre 900 which was shown on the "my offers and upgrades" page. However after clicking through to sign up the next page told me that it wasn't available at my address (it definitely is according to Openreach).

I went on the chat to query this and was told that I needed to open a new Talktalk account to do the upgrade as a new customer, and was passed to the sales team. I went through the full sign up process, supplying all my details again for a new credit check, but right at the end I was told that the new account needed to be under a different name.

At this stage I asked for the upgrade to be cancelled so that I can move to a different supplier instead. But I couldn't get any clarity on whether the Fibre 900 order and second account you tried to sign me up for is completely cancelled? I would also like confirmation that my existing G-Fast Fibre 250 rolling contract will continue uninterrupted for now.

I was told that a manager would call me to clarify things. I got a text saying a complaint had been raised, then the next morning I had another text to say it was "resolved". But I have had no contact or explanation about what is going on.


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Thanks for clearing that up for me 👍


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Hi davros1


Sorry that you are having problems. 


Sadly Its not possible to upgrade a Gfast connection to Full fibre without cancelling the line and ordering a new one. There are no open orders for a new service on your account , So your current service will continue until your move to another supplier. 


Apologies for any inconvenience caused.