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Bad or no service

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Had trouble for months with connection issues, service always disconnecting, Used Wi-Fi and also used a wired connection, still made no difference, Used our own mobile internet service provider, Switched to Virgin Media on 22/12/2023, No more issues with them. Now Talk Talk want to bill for a service that we never subscribed too and a service that was totally unusable. Very unhappy with this.


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Hi excustomer2


When did you log a fault with the faults team ?


I can see a line test ran on the 29th October last year which passed , and no further contact till 29th Jan this year.  I cant see how we would know you had a fault we would certainly have tried to help before you left.   We where technically still providing the service which you have been billed for. 


There is a cease on the line now due to complete on the 28th Feb

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Have you cancelled your service with TalkTalk? The fact that you may no longer be using it does not amount to the same thing. 


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Been billed for not having a reliable service that always kept disconnecting. Problem was raised with TALK TALK BUT NOTHING was done about it, after being cut off during a medical emergency that affected our health and my employment, that was final straw and immediately switched to Virgin Media and also used our OWN CREDIT for a reliable connection. I only see a moral obligation from TALK TALK to reimburse and drop all our latest billing. as if not full-filled by yourselves the I will have no choice to speak to the TELECOMS REGULATOR AUTHORITY.


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HI excustomer2


Sorry that you are unhappy. 


Did you call us to cancel the service?  


Because virgin media use a different network we wouldn't know you have left us so will continue to bill.