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Bill increase while still on a fixed 18 month contract

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My last bill saw an increase from £24 to £26.50 for Fibre 65. I am still under my fixed 18 month contract period which clearly fixes the price at £24. Below is the excerpt of my contractual agreement.


Can you please fix / refund the bill as contractually agreed?




snethemba: You have chosen our <Fibre 65> plan on a <18> month contract for <£24.00> per month. When you are outside of the minimum term, your monthly charges may change. If they do, we will give you 30 days notice. If you wish to make any changes to your package within your minimum term, you may be liable to pay a fee.
snethemba: Your Fixed Price Plan will have no price increases on the monthly charges during the minimum contract period. This does not include Boosts or other charges such as films, calls or calling features. As these can change in price, we will provide you with notice before this happens.



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Hi @tilusnet,


It’s never an easy decision to increase the prices of Fixed Price contracts. However, we’ve had no choice. Over the last year, we’ve seen overall broadband usage soar by 40% continue to rise each year. As a result we’ve had to invest heavily in our network and, alongside other providers such as BT, Virgin and Sky, we've had to raise our prices to keep up with the huge year on year increases we are seeing in customer demand.


We will notify all customers regarding any price increase giving you 30 days to cancel without penalty. Have you received an email from us?





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Thanks @Gliwmaeden2 for the heads up, I wasn't aware of those notifications.

How strange that contracts can be "torn up" like that.


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We all had similarly worded agreements for fixed price contracts, @tilusnet, but Talktalk tore that up back in March this year.


You should have received a notice before this was applied, giving you 30 days to leave without penalty, or renegotiate. 


It is in accordance with Ofcom rules and allowed at any time in clause 16 of the Ts&Cs. 


See the link at the bottom of any TT page.  Also check out clause 9.


Talktalk has been working through batches of customers since March, giving notification.


You might still have a chance if you haggle by phoning 03451 720046 (9am-7pm Monday to Friday; till 6pm Saturday). However the price increase is legitimate.......

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.