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Contract not set up correctly

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I wonder if anybody else is having issues with a renewal on a contract that hasn't been honoured by Talk Talk?

Renewed contract on the 20th July but Talk Talk are saying that it hasn't gone through?

After numerous live chats and phone calls nothing has been resolved.

Any advice would be grateley appreciated. 


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Thank you for your response but can I ask why it is taking so long?

Surely a complaint that has been flagged on the 20th November is not good customer service and has not been resolved. I have checked my account again and the contract is still the same!

I did not agree to paying this and I am now at my wits end with feeble excuses about having to go to different departments to sort out one contract. 

Why are your departments not working with one another. 

I just want a resolution to this complaint completed. 

Do you not want to keep loyal customers who have been with you for many years? 


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Thanks for your response. 

Unfortunately I have no conclusion to my complaint that has been escalated from the 20th November. 

Not good customer support at all. I have a scheduled call yet again on the 22nd January and Im not holding my breath. 

How hard is it to sort out a contract?

Why is it that there are so many departments to sort out one contract?

I feel that I'm being lied to and not impressed at all. 

I just want the contract that I signed up to not paying more for basic board band and no calls and tv included. My renawal contract on the 20th July so if my maths are correct that is 6 months. 


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HI  MrsLappy

Sorry that you are having problems


Best option would be to call the loyalty team on 03451720088. They will be able to help.


Sorry for any inconvenience caused 


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Thanks for the reply. 

My contract renewal has been not set up correctly and I'm trying my hardest to fix the situation.

Nobody seems to know why it hasn't gone through but I'm not prepared to pay the amount for standard broadband and then calls extra and tv. 

I'm at a loss 


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Did you receive any emails at the time, @MrsLappy? They would have confirmed the new contract.


Even with these emails, the renewal is not always correctly processed and needs chasing at the earliest opportunity. 


Staff cannot set up renewals for you  but they can double check what went on. They reply Monday to Friday. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.