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problems giving up my landline

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I contacted talkTalk, (somehow managed to talk to a person!) back in April as I was giving up my landline and modem and moving. I was told that i had to pay a month cancellation, then they would send me a box to send the modem back in. I gave my new address, no box has arrived. And although the chat box said on the 20th May I would no longer get bills somehow I still do, the box said not to pay, so i haven't. I took a photo of it! But I am getting fed up with the reminders to pay, and want to return the box. 

Has anyone any idea how I can talk to an actual person to sort this? 



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Hi AnnieHall


The account is cancelled  and a returns bag has been requested. 


The bill appears to be the final bill issued in May. 


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Have you missed a callback after you thought you cancelled?


Chat is not authorised to process a cancellation, @AnnieHall, so they always ring back.


It's far better that you actually phone to cancel in the first place:


03451 720088 


It sounds as though the service was not cancelled as the process wasn't properly completed. 


You should phone that number now to check (they close 7pm).


Forum staff are also not authorised to process cancellations. 


I'll move this to the billing section for you - they can check that the process is done correctly this time.


Ensure that you have put your NEW address in the Private Notes section for staff to send you the returns bag.


Go via your avatar; settings; drop down menu. Add the landline number or account number for your Talktalk account in Personal Information. At the end of that section you will find Private Notes. 


Put the new address in there and SAVE CHANGES. 


Let us know when you have spoken to customer services on the phone. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.