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Dial up days

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"If you've already tested with 2 different routers, microfilters and cables directly at the test socket then the next step will be to arrange an engineer visit to the property."


I personally quoted that from another topic because it's what I've done.   Our line running to the house was loosened some point last year also lodged between some branches for a while and I believe it may have been damaged because of all that but it is still running at a much lesser capacity.  I believe it's an adsl2+ line.  We only use ethernet cable plugged to the laptop here because we're old and simply don't require wi-fi running all the time.  I know, might seem weird, but to his their own or whatever that saying is.


If you arrange an open reach engineer I will not be here on the 26th or 27th January so any other day next week is good.  If it has to be week after I'll only be here 2nd or 3rd Feb.




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Hi mrjones2022


If the speed does drop again then please post back on this thread and we can take another look.






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Thanks Debbie.


Whatever you did, it's back to what it previously was.


I must confess though we've had a strange problem for forever where it'll max out at just under 1mb/s but we've just put up with it.


Running a speed test it gives a speed of 8mb/s that we never see.  Never been able to figure it out.


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Hi mrjones2022


I'm sorry to hear this.


I've ran a line test which hasn't detected any faults - Line test is clear.


I have also completed a line optimisation and the sync speed has increased to just under 10mb.


What speed were you previously receiving before the speed started to drop?

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The support team may need to check some personal details with you and you will have to agree to potential charges: