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Please disable my WiFi 2.4 channel “optimisation”

Enlightened One
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I tagged onto a similar thread, but then I suddenly remembered historically that is taboo on these weird TT forums. So before I get chastised by the net police, I’m starting my own thread here.


I have an issue when using my expensive Sennheiser digital cordless headphones. I had the issue a long time and only recently realised what is going on.  The headphone transmitter and receivers unfortunately operate slap in the middle of the shared WiFi 2.4 band (but not using actual WiFi protocol). They use a proprietary FHSS system. I’ve learned that when my router is on Ch6 it makes the headphones frequently but intermittently drop out. If I set my Sagem TT router to channel 13, all is good with all my many (2.4 only) WiFi devices and the headphones operate perfectly. I can prove this with my RF spectrum analyser. I have set many of my connected devices to use only 5GHz WiFi. If I could disable WiFi 2.4 I would do. However, many of my devices won’t support 5GHz, so I have to leave it on.


Very annoyingly the router will switch itself back to Ch6 after a day or two. 
I’ve read on these forums that this is called Auto optimisation, and it can only be turned off by TT support. So PLEASE turn it off on my TT router ASAP!  Thank you and regards. Peter (long term very loyal TT customer)


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@Debbie-TalkTalk wrote:

Hi Peter


I'm so glad to hear this 🙂


Oh wow 🙂 Is it working?

Hi Debbie.

Yes the shielding card works a treat. It has a layer of aluminium cooking foil sandwiched inside.  It reduces the 2.4 router signal strength radiating towards me by about 12dB. That enables my precious 2.4GHz wireless (not WiFi) headphones (used daily late at night) to work perfectly without being interfered with by the nearby WiFi router signal. The simplest things are always the best 👍. All my other WiFi devices around the house still work perfectly. Cheers. Peter

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Hi Peter


I'm so glad to hear this 🙂


Oh wow 🙂 Is it working?


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H Debbie.

Just to confirm, I received another text confirming my complaint ticket is now closed.

Phew!  Hopefully that’s the end of this saga. 
Thanks for all you do!


PS Here’s my RF shield solution in use, just for interest. Made from an Amazon card envelope lol. 
12dB signal reduction in facing direction12dB signal reduction in facing direction

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Hi Peter


I've contacted the team and asked them to close down the complaint.





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No point now Debbie. Please close it if you can. Thanks. Peter. 


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Hi Peter


Do you want this complaint kept open?


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Hi Debbie. I see thanks.


Well then it might be me that caused a new ticket to start. When I received the email (that I copy/pasted in this thread previousy) I did an immediate knee jerk reply to it. (I had since assumed the reply would be ignored as the case was closed whilst I was writing that email). Presumably, my reply I sent must have triggered a new complaint ticket to be opened as the first one had been already closed?? Quoted below is what I said in my reply email on Thursday. That was of course before I discovered my shielding card workaround fix.

So maybe that second complaint ticket can be closed now also please Debbie?

Gosh what a saga this has all turned out to become.

thanks again. Peter. 

Copy of my email reply sent Thursday…..

“Hi xxxxxx
I’m sorry but you clearly don’t know much about the technical stuff here. I was not asking to “isolate channels”. My simple request clearly was not properly conveyed to the technical dept. That reply was nothing but a fob off TBH. It would be rather better if the technical department could contact me directly (preferebly by email please). But firstly read my community thread where my issue is fully explained. 
All I want is for you to turn off the WiFi optimisation feature in my Sagem hub.  I know this is technically possible by remote means as other customers have had it done successfully.
Thank you.  Peter”

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Hi Peter


No I didn't raise this complaint. I will check this and post back once I have more information.




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Thanks again Debbie.


BTW I’ve just received yet another text, apparently opening another complaint ticket!??  It has a different ticket number from the previous closed one. Did you file another complaint or something? It says someone will be in touch. Well I don’t need or want any further discussions about this now. I’ve resolved it as described in my last post on here. There’s nothing more to be said or done is there? The reference number is CMP-673809.  Thanks. Peter. 


Community Star
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Wow, well done @prawlin.

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please set Accept as Solution from the 3 dot menu.
TalkTalk support and Community Stars - Who are they? 

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Hi Peter


Thanks for your reply.


I will make sure all your feedback is passed onto the team about the wifi optimisation.

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Morning Debbie.


No, I had no opportunity to accept or challenge the inadequate email response. Ticket was closed via text, seemingly at the same time as his single reply email was sent. I had no chance to reply and explain further my request. It gave the same feeling one would get if the person just hangs up on you in mid conversation!


Anyway, over the weekend I applied a bit of lateral thinking. What if I could reduce the router WiFi signal strength at my usual headphone listening position? So I cut a piece of stiff cardboard about the size of the front face of the TT router. I glued a layer of aluminium foil to the back side. Then cut a 12mm hole to enable the router front LED to be viewed. I applied some black carbon fibre pattern vinyl covering to both sides for cosmetic improvement and to stop radiated heat from the router face reflecting back into the router.  So now this simple RF shield card sits in front of the router (which faces me). Spaced off the router face by about 10mm so as to not affect airflow cooling.


I measured the router WiFi signal strength at my usual headphone listening position. It is around 12db lower with the shield in place. This is just enough attenuation of the WiFi interfering signal from the router to allow my headphones to function perfectly, irrespective of whatever channel the router currently decides to use. I checked all my 23 WiFi devices (14 are on 2.4GHz) and they all still operate fine with the shield in place. So a simple and effective passive solution.  


I wish I had thought of trying this earlier. I’ve suffered the intermittent headphone dropout for years, but only recently understood that it was caused by interference from the router signal, especially so when it decides to use Channel 6.



So my problem is now finally resolved.

I still think it’s bonkers that users are not allowed to disable this automatic channel selection thing under any circumstances. It’s also annoying that the router does allow the user to select any channel 1 to 13, but the interface doesn’t inform you that the auto optimisation thing is active and will soon change your configured channel anyway. 

But thank you for trying Debbie. 

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Hi Peter


I'm so sorry to hear this.


Did you agree to close the complaint before you received this message?


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Ok so a bit of an update.

Debbie kindly logged a complaint Monday.

On Monday I received several daily ticket acknowledgements then an “Escalated to complaints manager”.

On Thursday I received a phone call (despite my specific request not to use phone). I tried to explain to the person what my issue is. Unfortunately, it soon became very clear he had zero technical comprehension of WiFi channels, or router configuration settings Etc. I got the distinct impression he wasn’t really interested and was also in a rush. Anyway, he said leave it with him and he would consult the technical team then get back to me.


Within 10 minutes of that call ending, I received an email (my name is spelt incorrectly also not that it matters)……


Good afternoon Mr Rowlinson,

Following our phone call earlier I have spoken to a member of our tech department here at TalkTalk and unfortunately we are unable to isolate channels - we can only isolate bands so either 2.4 or 5. I would maybe recommend getting a router that can do what you require and attach it to the current WIFI hub you have. 
I sincerely apologise that we are unable fix this. I hope you manage to resolve this issue.

Kind Regards 
(name removed)
Executive Complaint Manager


Then adding insult to injury, within literally another minute I got Text saying case is Resolved and closed so had no option to even respond to the email.

I'm pretty confident that the technical person that was consulted was not given a useable explanation of my request, so came back to the complaints guy, with a standard can’t be done sort of answer. Having technical discussions via a non technical third party is never going to work.

So I give up, a sheer waste of everyone’s time frankly. 

Thanks Debbie for trying, but unfortunately your colleagues did you no favours on this one.

Cheers. Peter.




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Hi Peter


I have left full notes on the complaint. If I could switch this off for you I would, however our Devices Team have asked us to leave this switched on.


The complaints manager can investigate this further and discuss this with you.

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Thanks Debbie.


I don’t see my request to disable the WiFi optimisation as a “complaint”.  Though I suppose the fact that I cannot switch it off myself (and now neither are you now permitted to apparently) does constitute a kind of complaint. It’s my router, operating in my house, surely I should have control of all the settings permissions as I wish? If I substitute another make of router, I would have full control. Why should TT be any different?


I hope whoever picks up this case can have access to this thread and has a level of technical understanding. I really don’t want to have to explain it all again. All the info details are in this thread.  Anyway, we’ll see what transpires. 
Thanks Again Debbie. Peter. 


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Hi Peter


I have added all this information to the complaints notes and the complaints manager will contact you to discuss this further.






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@Debbie-TalkTalk wrote:

Hi Peter


I completely understand. I can raise a complaint and ask a complaints manager to contact you by email to discuss this further?

Yes please Debbie. I find it very irritating that this automatic Channel selection is enforced upon me. I will resolve this one way or another. If TT cannot disable this very annoying feature for me, and allow me to select my preferred WiFi 2.4 Channel,  I will have no choice but to abandon the TT router in favour of some alternative model. That is a real pity as in all other respects this router is serving me very well and I would prefer to stay with it if I can get this issue sorted. Cheers Peter. 


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Hi @prawlin, sorry for this long saga, my solution in the past has been to buy my own router and then I can set it up just how I like it. Then if I have problems just pop the T T router back on so the the fabulous Debbie can help me sort out the line.

Sorry it is a money solution but for worth it in the end. 



I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.

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Hi Peter


I completely understand. I can raise a complaint and ask a complaints manager to contact you by email to discuss this further?