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Router congestion control

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If a member of my household uploads a video to YouTube, the internet goes down for all other household members, i.e. all other devices on the wireless network lose the internet, including internet radio in the kitchen. How to prevent this? I suspect our router's failing to perform adequate congestion control. One device is permitted, by the router, to grab the entire network for the YouTube upload. How to make the router manage the network better? It's not a huge problem, we can live with it if there's not a simple solution, but if it's possible to tweak router settings to stop it, that would be great.


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Hi Mark9992,

Could you try switching your router off for 30 minutes then switch back on and retest, please let us know how you get on


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Hi Skynet_TX,

Thanks for your reply. I'm on "Faster Fibre" and get around 45 Mbps download, 5 Mbps
upload. I live in deepest Wales so the above isn't bad. The router's a Huawei Hub.


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Hi @Mark9992,


What service are you on, is it ADSL or Fibre, the ADSL service has a very limited maximum upload speed of 1mbps, so doing sizable uploads on ADSL (if that is what you have) is not going to leave much bandwidth for other devices.