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Talktalk wifi is the absolute worst.

Rica B
First Timer
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I've been using talktalk for just over a year now and it's been the worst year of internet connection and speed i've had in my whole life. Even BT was better than this, seriously considering changing back no matter what the price would be. The customer service is *@#][!![]'#[@#]!* too. I see why it's probably the cheapest wifi company, the wifi is non existent and doesn't even connect! The wifi connection is always bad even with the 5G extra network we have and i'm using my data to send this since talktalk wifi wants to be a p****. Don't change your wifi to Talktalk if you want to be happy.


Support Team
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Hi Rica B


Can you please add your home phone number to your 'Community Profile' so I can pick this up for you.





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TT does not have a 5G network.


The router is dual band and has 2.4 and 5 Ghz bands.


Are you actually having WiFi problems or is the incoming internet connection the real problem ?


If often helps to split the SSID names and use a WiFi analyser to select the best channel for each band, especially if you have close neighbours.


Does the router remain connected and if you are on Fast Broadband, Fibre 35/65/150 that comes over the phone line, is that line working normally without any noise ?


If you want help, please update your community profile with your name and landline number.


If you just want to have a rant, ignore all I have said above and phone 0345 172 0046 to process a cancellation.