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Slow fibre speed

First Timer

I moved to TalkTalk on 14 October on fibre broadband with the thought that I would receive excellent broadband speed as BT had got so slow .....after 3 days contacted u guys and an open reach engineer was called out he said he found a poor copper connection in the guttering which he fixed but in all honesty my fibre is only averaging daily download speeds of 25-26mb 😔with the range advertised of between 25-48 this is also unsatisfactory my dilemma is do I change provider again ! All I want is broadband that works for my son to play FIFA without moaning he already hard wires it in before u ask I really need someone to tell me whether it is possible to sort this out or is it a dream to chase these promised speeds 😔

Community Star

The copper needed repairing because it was the same bit of copper that would have been affecting your previous might as well allow Talktalk time to get to the bottom of the problem,  and would need to have the same work done, no matter which of the Openreach serviced providers you use.


Virgin etc would be your other option, @Shellsbells, but then you'll have further work to be done to install that as it uses different infrastructure. 


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Thank you I really do not want to leave so hoping someone gets in touch 

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Shellsbells


I'm really sorry to hear this.


I've completed a line test which hasn't detected any faults and your line is in sync at 50.8mb.


Please can you power down your router for a full 30 minutes and then run a speed test following this.