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Speed unexpectedly dropped - was c22Mbps now c14Mbps (noise margin profile stable at 6dB)

Wizz Kid



Anyhow, thanks for jumping onboard to help. I have checked and can now see Firmware has changed to version SG4K10002600t. I assume you did this just after I had powered up again, as connection dropped for a short time soon after.


I'll let you know if things stabalize.

Community Team

Hi aolmum


OCE_Michelle has fed this back to our Products Team.





Community Team
Wizz Kid




All seemed well until phone in use a few minutes ago, and Hub went down.


Hub restarted itself when call ended and sync has plummeted to 8.1Mbps. Power dBm dropped to 7.3. Noise margin dB increased to 10.6 (was either 6 or 6.5 after the firmware update earlier, was wrongly showing as 0 on previous firmware version).


Line was clear during call.


Unlike last night, nothing seems to have registered in Log, although all previous Log entries visible.



Saturday morning and beyond frustrated (one step forwards and two steps back):


I'm still monitoring situation but am confused @OCE_Debbie  , as I see my Hub seems to have been down for a short time overnight (possibly twice?), and the firmware is now back to the one that was 'pushed' to it the other week ie version SG4K10001E00t (after which most problems started!). Why, when you 'pushed' the newer (at least I presume it was), firmware to the Hub yesterday, ie version SG4K10002600t? 


The update you pushed yesterday had at leasted resolved the lack of displaying Noise Margin, which with the overnight push (at least I assume this was done by TT), of the previous firmware, has reverted back to showing 0.


Of more concern, though, is that in addition the Log appears to have been cleared, and instead of the 600+ pages yesterday, this morning there are only 3 pages so far, but increasing quickly due to a flood of  DNS name resolution failures this morning (see screenshot below for small example of the more unusual ones), the 3 pages also include some Info entries dated 2013 and 2017, albeit I've only had Hub since November 2018, the 2013 dated entries start with 'the Modem underwent a warm reset' and then the entries following, also dated 2013, show the SSID which I myself gave the HUB in November - how could this be?


@KeithFrench  not sure if you are able to offer any useful suggestions on any of this morning's issues, until an OCE can check situation on Monday (this would be very much appreciated, but understanable if you can't)? The devices flooding the HUB this morning with DNS errors, were not doing this when I was checking logs on previous days.









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Unless they have done anything with the system log, it is totally shot in my opinion.

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please mark it as the Best Answer.
OCE's and Community Stars - Who are they? 

Wizz Kid

Hello again @OCE_Debbie  (and any other OCEs who may be able to assist). 


Further update - you asked me to monitor the situation, however this is proving difficult for me to do, due to the additional issues this weekend as a result of TT remotely accessing the Hub, see post #24 and the following:


In addition to my post #24 above, which I hope you will get the chance to read and respond to also, my Hub has been down and sync speeds have changed again, overnight. Based on how long it was showing as up, the undernoted seems to have been culprit this time:


it looks like TT have once again remotely accessed the Hub in the early hours, don't know what for, and there is another mention of Vlan36, yet as said before, I am not a business customer



Screenshot_2019-02-03-09-12-29.pngWhat are TT doing with my Hub during the night?

In addition, and as previously reported by myself and another customer last week, it is pointless checking anything using the Service Status tool, as it is still returning incorrect results/mis reporting (


Although it possibly has nothing at all to do with what has been happening with my TT service this past week, I thought it worth mentioning too, that I have just remembered that on Saturday 26th January, for an hour or two, there was work being undertaken at the telephone pole nearby (ironically, I snapped a rather quick, blurry due to rain, picture, to remind me, just in case there were any problems with my service following whatever work they were doing), perhaps you can check with Openreach:



I believe kngroup carry out work on behalf of all telecoms operators that use BT’s fixed access networks .

Community Team

Hi aolmum,


I'm sorry for the delay. Are the engineers still completing work at the moment or have they now left?




Wizz Kid



Hello @OCE_Michelle  (and @OCE_Debbie  or others, if following events).


Thanks for getting back to me albeit your question doesn't make sense. Not sure how much you have actually read of my posts #24 and #26, hopefully all as they both contain important questions in respect of what has happened this weekend, together with screenshots, to which answers would be appreciated (I appreciate both posts are long, but I was just trying to be helpful in providing as much info and screenshots as possible re the various issues, in hope this would assist your technical review of same).


The only point you seem to have picked up on and are actually questioning me on, was my very last comment on post #26, mentioning I happened to see engineers working at pole over a week ago, 26th January, for one or two hours. I don't know why they were there, but just mentioned they had been given all the problems with my Hub this week, in case they had interfered with something. Obviously, given today is 4th February, ie 10 days later, they are no longer there, so uncertain why you are asking if they have now left.


All the info screenshots, and my questions earlier in threads #24 and #26 are what I was hopeful of replies to, albeit I thought it might help you knowing about the engineers on 26th too, hence why I mentioned them.


Latest update on odd happenings in Log - info messages saying:


  Channel: (11/6) Channel Hopping initiated/Manually initiated

Channel: (6/11) Channel Hopping initiated/Manually initiated



These have just started appearing last night, and overnight, even with no devices connected to hub. They are odd, as my Channels have no overlaps with neighbours and are not busy. Here is a sample of a few, albeit there are numerous more:







As said, answers to questions/issues raised in posts #24 and #26 would be appreciated as soon as possible, thanks.


(That I haven't thrown the Hub out into our waste recycling  bin over the weekend is in part, a credit to my continued patience in hoping the issues can be resolved, albeit said patience is now wearing very thin.)

Community Team

Hi aolmum,


My apologies, I completely misread your last comment about the external engineers. Am I right in thinking that you were only able to test the test firmware for less than 24hrs before this changed back again?


I've run another line test to see how this looks and I can see that the sync speed has dropped, however the line test is clear. Would you like to try a replacement wifi hub just to rule this out? We can then also try the test firmware again?




Wizz Kid

Hello @OCE_Michelle 


Thanks for acknowledging you mis-read - I did wonder. Do your Network team know why the engineers were working at the pole and if this could have caused any of the problems?


Yes, the test firmware that @OCE_Debbie  pushed, reverted back to the previous firmware (which itself had only been pushed about a week or so ago), overnight Friday into  Saturday, and numerous additional issues have arisen since then, all as detailed previously.


I am willing to try a replacement Hub with the test firmware, so shall await receipt of same, but meantime are you able to explain any of the error/info messages I have detailed, as obviously some are rather odd, as well as the Vlan36 warnings, when I am not a business customer? 




Community Team

Hi aolmum,

I've ordered the router, should be with you within a couple of days but please allow up to 5 working days for delivery. Sorry we won't know why the engineer was working at the pole


Wizz Kid

@OCE_Chris , thanks for update re replacement router and being unable to find out what the engineers were doing.


Are you unable to answer the questions re the other ongoing issues, or do you think these are all being caused by a potentially faulty Hub (ie Hub going down when phone in use, although not going down if phone left to ring out,  Vlan36 warnings, the repeated Channel Hopping info messages, the sudden flood of errors  such as DNS name resolution failures, especially the rather odd ones highlighted by screenshot), and are hopeful these will all resolve with replacement hub and test firmware?


Tuesday morning update:


Obviously still on original Hub.


More odd happenings overnight (screenshots below to help keep a running record, in case issues continue when replacement Hub received). Surprisingly, after these odd happenings, Hub is back in Sync at its more usual 22.8Mbps (yet throughput speedtests still only achieving c12Mbps over wifi, when usually achieve c21Mbps over wifi, when synced at c22Mbps).


I say surprisingly, as since first dropping to a Sync of c14Mbps on 24th January,  it has been back up above 22Mbps, down at c12Mbps, up at c22Mbps, down at c10Mbps, down at c8Mbps, up at c15 Mbps, down at basically, all over the place, whereas given my understanding of DLM, if it knocked sync down to 14Mbps on 24th, how has it been back up so relatively quickly above 22Mbps on various days (yet lower in between)? I thought DLM took several days (good explanation at ), to gradually start increasing Sync rates until eventually back to best, and started all over again if it knocked the rate down.










Community Team
Wizz Kid
Wizz Kid

Hello again, @OCE_Debbie , @OCE_Chris  or @OCE_Michelle 


Replacement Hub now arrived and set up.


Initial sync rate                                        19.7Mbps

Throughput speedtest (just over wifi) 18.2Mbps


Made a phonecall from home phone and Hub remained on.






(Last tests on original hub, earlier today,  had Sync at 22.8Mbps, throughput speed though was only 11.5Mbps).


Please go ahead and push firmware SG4K10002600t (which hopefully won't revert back to previous firmware overnight like it did last time), and I shall monitor over next few days.

Community Team
Wizz Kid

Thanks, Karl. Hub now has sync rate of 24Mbps, albeit throughput has remained at about 18Mbps (over wifi). Before all issues of past few weeks began, sync was usually about 23 Mbps and throughput (over wifi) around 21 or 22Mbps.


Screenshot_2019-02-06-14-28-10.pngSync rate after firmware push.Screenshot_2019-02-06-14-30-15.pngThroughput speed after firmware push.


Now to see how things go in coming days - hopefully well!