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Any idea if we'll EVER be able to upgrade to Fibre?

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Hi - I moved 5 minutes down the road in November, and in the process we were told by the Home Move team that we had to downgrade from Fibre 65 to just Fast Broadband.  The man on the phone from the Home Move Team said that it would only be temporary, and that in a few months we'd be able to go back to Fibre when their availability allowed, and we wouldn't be charged any more for it.


We've gone from regular speeds of 60 Mbps to 5-8 Mbps, and we're really struggling. In that time, my bill's just gone up an extra £3 a month, so I'm now paying what I did before, but for a tenth of the speed. 


I've called up every two weeks since January, and every single time I've been told there's no availability, that we can't upgrade to Fibre, but to keep checking back.


I've even tried Openreach and they said it was up to you. 


So when does this end? Is there any way I can get any idea of when I'll be able to go back to Fibre 65? Or do I need to keep calling up every two weeks until the end of time, hoping and begging to some random customer service person in a call centre? 


I've been a TalkTalk customer since 2017, and I'm one more pointless phone call away from jumping ship. 



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That's incorrect - I'm on Fast Broadband (and have been since November as noted above). Is there any way I can change that or is that on your side?


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Are the profile details correct in your community profile?   


I see you on fibre 35 not fast broadband


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Thanks Arne, 

If it's available, why have I been repeatedly told is isn't / who do I need to talk to to upgrade?


I'm currently on Faster Broadband (the most basic one) which maxes out at 8/9 Mbps. 


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Hi bmlr95


Your account shows that fibre 65 is available, if you are only getting 5-8 meg on fibre 35 there might be a fault on  the line have you spoken to our faults team