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Broadband password, own router

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I joined Talktalk a few days ago and was sent their DSL-3782 router. A worse router I have never seen! The user interface is appallingly hard to use and its WiFi signal is so weak that my devices keep trying to connect to my neighbour's WiFi.

I need to use my own router but Talktalk have hidden my password in theirs - it appears to be 10 characters long. I tried my account number without success.

I have read this nonsense which does NOT work. I have yet to see any router that accepts a blank password (including Talktalk's DSL-3782).

After an hour chatting with their technical support I was promised an e-mail containing the password but instead got irrelevant rubbish about 'boosts'.

Does anyone know what the broadband password is or how to get it displayed?


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Today I've also decided to use a 3rd party router. The Talktalk one broke down after 8 months and left me without TV and internet for the past few days (Thanks to the wonderful support).


Since I've also just spent an hour trying to set it up using the official Talktalk instructions, I can confirm the settings do NOT work. So hopefully somebody has use of my experience:


- Get the cheapest ADSL router 

- Connect the cable from the mastersocket into the new router

- Use TP-Link's Auto-Detect Connection Type

- It should come up with a result, but instead of using the given PPPoE option, switch it over to IPoE (Dynamic IP) and presto, I was online again!


This means I didn't have to use any username/password at all, just make sure the adsl-cable is connected and let the IPoE do it's magic