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Daily dropouts on Fibre

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Router drops WiFi signal on a daily basis. Sometimes comes back, sometimes needs router rebooted. Can't test wired test on router as only use wi-fi. Speedtests are bad, d/l 9mb/s, u/l 4mb/s. Router 6 years old and problems getting progressively worse. 





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@jonmojomills, it's best to start your own thread. 


If you return to the message board,  click on start a topic.


Also: add your Talktalk landline number to your community forum profile details. You need to go via your avatar/name; settings; launch profile wizard. This is for staff to identify your account. 


Staff will reply to your post on your own thread,  on this forum - they won't phone or email. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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I blame COVID, and possibly Brexit, and the government… We get daily drop outs in the afternoon that can only be resolved by rebooting the router. Please contact me. It’s beyond annoying. 


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Hi Badger1968,


Apologies for the delay, I've replied to your PM



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I think a few of the staff were away last week, so the rest of the team were extra busy and probably didn't get to this post, it is best to wait for them to reply before posting any more in this topic, as adding new posts will delay it from getting to the top of their queue.

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Hi Michelle. Still having issues with WiFi dropouts on a daily basis. According to talktalk issue with line sorted with engineer. Maybe so, but router is definitely faulty and needing replacement. Have tried contacting tech support, customer services and don't know who else to approach to get a replacement router ordered.

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Still getting WiFi dropouts on a daily basis... getting to be more frequent and irritating... contract up for renewal soon and happy enough to stay for another 18 months if someone would actually do something from talktalk. Either fix the issue/ replace the 6 year old router or I can honestly see me looking for a new provider. Not impressed


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Many thanks Skynet

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The staff here will be able to arrange a new router for you if they agree that there is a fault with your current router

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Hi Michelle
WiFi still dropping out on daily basis. Tried a friends talktalk router and is stable. So problems are definitely pointing towards a faulty router. Don't know how to contact talktalk to get a replacement router posted out to me.

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Hi Badger,


I'm really sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Have you managed to contact our Tech Support or do you still need us to look into this for you?




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Many thanks for all the advice. Tested it all using your instructions. It's definitely pointing towards a router issue as WiFi dropouts seems to be the problem no matter what frequency or channel is selected. Managed to test ethernet connection with brothers laptop and it's stable, reliable and fast. Hopefully talktalk will pick up on this and supply new router for testing. Thanks again for all your help 👍🏻

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Hi @Badger1968,


Do you know if the problem is with the router losing its connection to the internet (in which case a light on your router which is normally constantly lit will change colour or flash), or is it that you are losing Wi-Fi connection between your device(s) and your router (in which case the light(s) on the router will just carry on looking normal).


If the issue is that devices are losing Wi-Fi connection with your router then there are a few things you could try to see if it is Wi-Fi interference causing the problems.


Split the SSID's on the router, this will allow you to give the 2.4GHz and 5GHz network bands different names, so your Wi-Fi devices will then see those two networks separately, you can then try connecting to one or the other to see if one gives a more reliable connection than the other. Doing this in itself won’t fix the problem, but it makes it easier to troubleshoot as you can easily see what device is using what band.


Change the channels that your router broadcasts the Wi-Fi signal on, you can use free smartphone Apps like this to see what channels are being used within range of your smartphone, you can then change your router to use channels that are less congested.


If trying the above makes no difference then it may indicate an issue with the router, the staff here would be able to help with that.


For one of the TalkTalk staff on this community to be able to look into this you will need to update your community profile to include your name, landline telephone number that your TalkTalk service is provided on & an alternative contact number. This will allow them to identify you, and they will then be able to help.


Don't post any personal details in this thread, just add them to your community profile.


Then they will hopefully be able to respond to this post within a working day or two.