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Fibre 65 - Very Slow Speeds ( 15 mbps )

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Hello, I'm a new customer who signed up for Fibre 65 on 3rd August, and waited for activation on 17th August.  Unfortunately, every day since activation I have been getting 15mbps, (16mbps, if I'm lucky).. 

When signing up I did specifically mention the speeds I need and the speeds I'd already been getting with my other provider, (who I was only moving from because they'd sadly somehow broken my account, twice, when I moved address, causing problems with my work).  
I called your Sales team and mentioned I work from home and my job relies on a good connection, and outlined what I need it to do.  I told him I was getting 60+ mbps with my other provider and need something around the same speed if you have that available for me - The Sales representative said yes, Fibre 65 is the best package available for me at my address, and it will give me the speeds that I need.  However, even though I live right next to the exchange, I am getting simply terrible speeds, nowhere near what I was promised during the sales call. (There was also a hidden charge at the end of the sales pitch that I picked up on and wasn't happy about, but that is a separate issue).

I've taken multiple screenshots of my speed tests each day, hoping it would get better and maybe it was just teething problems.. but I ended up having to call Tech Support yesterday as it was still only 16mbps, and it was effecting work.  She said she would run some tests.  The tests for the line and everything else came back fine, (I'd checked this myself also via troubleshooting before calling), so said she'd try adjust some things at her end, then we ran 2 more speed tests, but still no improvement, it's actually become slower.  She then went to speak with her manager, and after being on hold for a little while she came back and said that's the best speed I can get, and it will not get any faster, then told me the 'minimum guaranteed speed' for Fibre 65 is 15mbps?  I'm a polite person and I do work in IT as well, so I'm understanding and always willing to try fix things, however, it did appear to me that she was quite patronising and rude during this call.

I hadn't seen anywhere that Fibre 65's minimum guaranteed speed is 15mbps, and definitely feel I have been misled during the Sales process into making a decision that I would otherwise never have made..  I did make sure I was clear about the speeds I needed beforehand and what I need it to do, and understandably, I would never knowingly sign up to speeds such as this.

I live in a good location for coverage, not in the middle of nowhere, (as mentioned, I'm very close to the exchange).  I tried to install and play a game last night and had speeds of 4 mbps, it was going to take over 4 hours to install, during which time I couldn't do anything else online because internet pages took ages to open, and I couldn't use anything like Netflix either.. I was told during the Sales call Fibre 65 would run multiple devices and be fast enough to play games, stream Netflix, etc..

Today I've had speeds as low as 1.1 mbps (please see pics attached).  I rang your support for help again today, and I'm sure one of the girls mentioned the minimum guaranteed speed for Fibre 65 shouldn't be 15mbps.. I was passed on to 3 different people (I've made sure to write down names, dates, times, etc. since day 1), one of which transferred me without telling me I was being transferred, so that was confusing, then the last woman I spoke to also said I should have seen a minimum speed in my Welcome Pack - but I've never received a Welcome Pack? (I've checked my emails and looked in spam in case it had been filtered).  I believe the email address you have on record to send it to me must be correct, as I can log into my account with it.  My router arrived a few days before my activation date, but the box only had the router in it and a letter saying it will go live on the 17th, no other details or welcome pack information?

I signed up for Fibre 65 after being assured I'd get good connection speeds, however, this is not what I was promised, I feel like I've been lied to, and as though it was misrepresented during sales.

I'm simply at a loss and am so disappointed 😞  I phoned you later today to cancel my account (within the 20 day cancellation period), whereupon I was told that it will take a further 30 days to deactivate, and I need to pay for this terrible speed up until that date.. 

As I'm sure you can understand, I would like to log these problems as a formal complaint, can you tell me how I can do this please?

Kind regards,



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@Sophcb I understand you are frustrated by the issues you are having but I think you are being a bit unfair on the sales staff. I'm sure they did not intend to mislead you as to the speed you could get. As your service is supplied down the same wires as it was with Plusnet, I don't see any logical reason why you shouldn't get very similar speeds. Personally, I think there must be a fault somewhere on the line (or a faulty router).

TalkTalk's guaranteed minimum set at 15Mbps is bizarre and seems like it must be an error to me. Unfortunately, the technical support staff are not really very technical. They are basically just minimum wage call centre operators who are only able and allowed to follow the scripts and procedures they are told to. Your router is in sync at about 18Mbps, their systems tell them that your guaranteed minimum is 15Mbps so as far as they are concerned, there's nothing they can do for you. I don't think they are being deliberately unhelpful.




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Would you like us to look into your broadband speed here? I've also included a guide below which contains more information on our Complaints Process.


Raising a complaint





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Hi @Debbie-TalkTalk,

Thank you for your reply, I am just about to do my formal complaint, and can check the private messages directly after

I've been told by citizens advice to do the formal complaint via written correspondence, not over the phone/live chat, as details are not fully logged properly that way for both sides, which does make sense.  I'll send the formal complaint to your email address, or is there another email address that is better to use for this?

Kind regards,



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Hi @Gliwmaeden2,

No this hadn't been mentioned during the tech support calls, I will try this today, thank you🙏  Only thing that was done was she tried to adjust something via her system, did a speed test, didn't work, did a second adjustment on her system, did second speed test, still didn't work, then put me on hold to talk to her manager, when she came back said this is the best speed I can get

I did make sure to do speed tests via the Service Centre, and also my own other tests with another trusted speed test site, (to have more than one set of results to compare, etc).  I think it's always good to get another set of results from an outside source, but yep, do still make sure to store results via their tools also. 

Understandably I have trust issues with Talktalk now because of this experience.  It's like being conned with dishonest and misleading information during the Sales, then if you're not quick enough, you get forced to be stuck with something nowhere near what you asked for, (or have to pay them a large amount of money) - which I've now found there's been issues with this problem in the past, something I wish I'd have known before calling their Sales line 😞

I'm just about to follow @AllyM's advice and look at the DSL information.  But to be honest I think regardless of what I can do, I'm simply never going to get it to the speed that I asked for and was told the package will do for me, that's become very clear to me now. 😞  I will trudge through the formal complaints process, get a copy of the sales call, and unfortunately there will be some poor reviews to warn people about Sales methods.  I don't want anyone else to go through this, lives are stressful enough as it is right now for a lot of people

The one thing that has been positive, and much appreciated, is the help from the other real customers/community (you guys), so thank you for this.

Hope you had a nice weekend, and apologies for the delay, yesterday was a hectic day here 

Support Team
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Hi Sophcb


I'm sorry to hear this.


I can see that the line is in sync at 18.1mb.


I'm just sending you a Private Message to confirm some details so I can check the predicted speed range for your line.






Community Star
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@Sophcb, during the conversations did they ask you to switch the router off for 30 minutes?


This can help, sometimes. Try it and do another speed test after that.


Best if you can do the speed test through the Speed Centre, as it then gets stored by Talktalk. 


Only try it the once, and then leave it on, unless staff tell you otherwise. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hi @AllyM, thank you for your reply 🙂

Ahh ok, something about exchange had been mentioned during one of the tech support calls, so as I don't understand fully what's happening I thought maybe that must be part of it.  I followed @Gliwmaeden2's advice and looked on the speed test, and my goodness it says guaranteed download speed 14 mbps on there! (Tech support had said 15 mbps when I first called with the speed problem). 
22Aug2021_Talktalk_GuaranteedSpeed.png(The 1 mbps will have been when I was installing a game I think, I know speeds will dip during that).

I must have totally missed it during the 'small print' flash of information at the end of the sales call, I don't know how I could have missed that though.  I did manage to pick up on an extra £4.89 one-off cost he tried to add to the order at the end, but when I said I thought it says the setup cost is free, that was left and he said he'll add a £15 credit to the account for that inconvenience, which seemed a bit much/odd, (I haven't received it but that's not my interest, only relaying any other details I can from the call).  My concern is if I hadn't have picked up on that during the quick 'small print' talking they do at the end of the call, I'd have paid more than is advertised also.  I can only think this information must have been said quickly during the final part of the sales call, like the hidden little cost that slipped in there.  I could get an audio copy of the call I suppose as I kept note of the name, time, date etc when then call took place 😞  I don't seem to have the Welcome Pack he mentioned either, via email, (if that is where speed details are reiterated after the call).  Regardless of that though, it does seem an unreasonably low speed to get stuck with, especially when I openly asked for their advice, told them what I needed and was steered toward this package and told yes it'll give me those higher speeds 😞

Thank you very much for the link - I followed your advice and have attached the results from the BT link:


The connection is with an ethernet cable yes, not far from the router.  I'm going through a separation so had to move house so it's only me using the internet here with my laptop, (unless my old dog has learned new tricks!).🙂  My mobile will connect to the wifi but I don't have any other devices.  The speeds with the other provider were at this same address yes, 67mbps, (post house move), they were Plusnet 👍  I don't have another router (unless I can use a new Plusnet one I have?), I only have the new Talktalk router they sent to me.  The Talktalk router has been stable since activation - I will try follow your advice and look at the DSL information, thank you 🙂


Insightful One
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@Sophcb You mention at least a couple of times that you live near to the exchange but fibre65 is a FTTC product so how close you are to the exchange is largely irrelevant. The speed you can achieve will be dependent on the length and quality of the copper section of the line from your house to the PCP/Fibre cabinets.

As one of the advisors informed you, you should have been given your own personal guaranteed minimum speed at the time you signed up. As @Gliwmaeden2 says, it should also be on the speed graph in Service Centre.


I notice that you talk about doing several speed tests. Are you making sure you are doing these tests via an ethernet connection to the router and with no other devices connected, to rule out WiFi issues?

Also, is it just a speed throughput problem? If you log into the router and check the DSL stats, is the Sync speed to the router good and is the router connection stable? Do you have a different router you could try if you haven't already done so?


I also note you mention that you were getting around 60Mbps with another provider, but you also talk about moving address. Were you previously getting that speed at your current address with the other provider, and who were they? Unless it was someone like Virgin Media, who use their own cabling network, your service should be delivered over the same Openreach phone line and giving roughly the same speed.

Have you looked up your address on the checker here BT Broadband ( to get a rough idea of the potential speeds your line should be able to support?


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Hi @Gliwmaeden2,

Thank you very much for you reply 🙂  I appreciate anyone who read through all that! 🤗

That's great advice about the speed centre results, I will have a look at that.  Thank you for the link and advice, I will sort my profile details out too 🙂

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The upload speeds you are getting suggest that you are definitely on a Fibre to the cabinet service of some sort, but your download speeds are shockingly low, @Sophcb.


In Talktalk's speed centre results, did you notice a broken line in a graph, which should be indicating your minimum guaranteed speed?


The speed centre is affected by maintenance work overnight but should be available again later on Sunday. 


If you would like staff to look into this for you, please complete your community forum profile details. Go via your avatar/name; settings; launch profile wizard. Staff will be back from Monday. 


Chat is the only point of contact before then, from 9am. That will be your starting point for raising a complaint:

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.