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Fibre Optic Speed Incredibly Slow

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Hello, I have been a Fibre Optic customer for some time and since the installation, the speeds have slowly worsened with  time.  


When the engineer fitted my Fibre Optic he said I would get incredible speeds as I only live 300 metres from the main exchange.  


My speeds were fast to begin with, but now the speed is slower than a basic broadband package.   When I tested my line on several occasions this week out of pure exasperation, I was shocked to discover I was only getting a download speed of 7mb.  Before I switched to Talk Talk my basic broadband package with another company was giving me downloads of 8mb!  


So in effect, I'm actually paying a good deal more money for a good deal less internet speed and this has been going on for some time.


Considering I have children who all want to use the internet too, it is causing a lot of hassle but Talk Talk don't seem to care and I'm scared to phone them up as the last time, someone tried to lift money out of my bank in a phone scam, so I no longer phone Talk Talk but I'm tied to a high speed fibre optic contract that is slower than basic internet.


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.



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Try switching of the power to your router for 30 minutes then switch it back on,this as been known to cure this problem