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How can I find out which speeds my line is rated for ?

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Hi -


In the past I've been limited to the 35Mb/s Fibre connection - I believe BT has done some work in the area - and indeed if I look on comparison sites with my post code it seems I can get get higher speeds now (65Mb/s or Fibre 2).  Additionally CityFibre has just been around and cabled up the area.


The speed check on the talktalk website doesn't seem to work so I can't tell whether my line is eligible for the faster fibre speed and I can't tell whether service is offered via the new fibre CityFibre just put down either.


Is someone able to check for me?


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@bassplayerchris if you are only getting 35 over the phone line that will not change unless BTOR have shortened your line and connected you to a different cabinet, so it is highly unlikely Fibre 65 will be available.


If that or Future Fibre is available they will (eventually) show up under Offers and Upgrades in your online account.


You can also check what BT/OR see as available for your home here.