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I've just signed up but don't need the router

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Hi. I've just signed up to TalkTalk, my connection is due on 2nd Feb. The router is being delivered but I don't need this as I use my own. Given it's a waste of resource and material, how do I get them to cancel it? Thanks


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Good point! Thanks

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Hi @duckyfuzz14,


Trying to cancel it might be a bit of a hassle, if you want to have a trouble free setup and go-live it might be best to just let them send it. If you really did want to return it then you could post back here once you are all set up and the staff here could send you a returns bag to send it back.


However you might want to consider keeping it as a spare, as it can always be handy to have a spare just in case your active router ever fails, as it might allow you to get back online much more quickly.