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Internet Stops Working Midnight to 1am

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Hi there,


live in the Milton Keynes area. I have an issue that the internet stop working from midnight till 1am almost every night. Any help?



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Hi Trystrem,


Ok thanks for the additional information. Is it always exactly at midnight? Do you have any devices set on a timer to come on/off at this time? Do you experience any issues with the voice service at the same time such as no dial tone?





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I have no Ethernet devices. And the confirm it is not WiFi interference as I can still access the admin page at 192.168 etc.

Also the lights do not change and in the status of the router it says the router is connected.

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Hi Trystrem,


I'm sorry to hear this and I'll take a look now. I've run a test on the line which hasn't detected a fault and the connection looks stable. Do any of the lights change on the router when the connection stops working?





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Have you got any device that you can connect to the router using the supplied Ethernet cable?  Just to rule out an interference issue with the Wi-Fi connection to the router.


When the time comes that the Internet connection disappears what is the status of the router leds?


And what does the sync speed of the router report?



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I’ve updated my info for you

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Thanks. I’ve tried this and it just says my connection is fine. But no devices can access the internet till 1.01am...

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Hi @Trystrem 


Try carrying out a Service Status Health Check.

  • Log in to MyAccount
  • Select Support from the grey header toolbar
  • Select Service Status from the drop-down list
  • When the Service Status Health Check completes you'll see a summary screen
  • If the network has recorded any loss of service incidents then there should be a report of those outages.

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