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Joining talktalk

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Hi all,

I'm looking to move to TalkTalk from Sky. I currently have 150Mbps G.Fast FTTC, so would probably be looking at the Fibre 150 package with TalkTalk.


I just need to ask if TalkTalk offer anything to cover contract exit fees. I'm having to leave Sky due to poor speeds (Sky deny any responsibility, but given the number of complaints on their forum, this appears to be a fault within Sky's network). I've only recently renewed my contract, so it's a hefty fee to leave.


Also, my landline phone number has moved to a Sky VoIP service - is there any way to transfer the number to TalkTalk, or is the number most-likely lost now? The number is less relevant these days, but having had it for 20 years, it might be nice to keep.


Many thanks


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@AllyM - that's exactly it, thanks - the sync speed is fine. The router - and Sky's own tests - say that we're connected at 150Mbps.

Throughput however (on a single gigabit ethernet connection at the router - with nothing else connected) is only 80Mbps (many different speed tests, download tests etc).


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Thanks all!

I've had 150Mbps here since last year - and it was working great until about a month ago.

My line can apparently handle up to 300Mbps G.Fast.

The fault seems to be an internal fault within Sky's network - affecting a good number of people around the country - indeed many users probably haven't even noticed that their throughput has halved since May.


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@Piethorne , That checker will give an estimate of the achievable sync speed for the line.

The way I read the last post from @green_dragon , thy were talking about a widespread throughput problem with Sky, so I'm assuming that they are getting good sync speed but lower than expected throughput.



Whizz Kid
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You might as well check the speed BT thinks is available at your address before making a decision. There's no point in paying a hefty exit fee if BT reckon it won't make any difference. See:-


I'm just a customer who might be able to help, not official help & support.

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Many thanks - much appreciated!


The fault is almost certainly in Sky's network, as many people around the country are suffering the same throughput problem (150Mbps broadband only providing 70-80Mbps). The line has been tested many times by Sky and Openreach - all tests come back fine. Sky just blame our devices and deny there's a problem.


People seem to be solving the problem by moving to a different ISP, so after 20 years with them, I think it's time to move.


Thanks again.


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TT do not offer contract buy-outs from other ISPs to encourage joiners.


As TT and SKY use the same Openreach infrastructure for their services you may not see an improvement depending on where the real issue lies.