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Network ports on eero pro 6

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I've just ordered Future Fibre 500 and it comes with the eero pro 6. How many network ports does this have? I have the TalkTalk wifi hub at the moment and I use all 4 ports for devices located near the router which I plug in directly, such as a powerline adapter, my playstation and TV etc.


Looking online it looks like eeros come with only 2 ports. When I asked the Talktalk sales rep on the phone he said he thought the pro comes with 4 but he didn't sound very convinced or convincing and I think he was guessing. Does anybody know for sure? If it's only 2 then I will probably need to buy a small gigabit switch.





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you did exactly the right thing.

The Eero comes with 2 Gbe ports.
One is used to connect to the BT Modem leaving you with one single Gbe port.
plug that into your switch and your good to go.

I have 3 of the Eero units to provide a mesh wifi network and it works really really well.
My laptop and family iPhones are all able to get the full speed of my G.FAST 150mb service over wifi.

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Hi CaltorStorm,


Thanks for the update, hope you enjoy your new Future Fibre service 🙂


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Cool, do let us know how you get on.  🙂

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Thank you both. I've bought a small 5 port gigabit switch from Amazon which I will plug into the eero. Only cost a tenner. Most of my devices support wifi but there is the odd one (or four! 😀) that I have found to be more reliable and/or faster over copper. I'm super excited waiting for my Future Fibre 500 to come and I'll see how the wifi compares over the copper then as the eero seems to have a really good reputation.

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ferguson is correct, only 2 ethernet ports. but it does have good wifi if any of your devices can connect wireless.





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It is an Amazon product, look it up there. As far as I can see they how two gigabit Ethernet ports, presumably on the basis that they are intended to be primarily used as part of a wireless mesh system. As you say you could always use a switch if you need more ports.