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Service Dropouts / DNS Server not available

First Timer
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Hi All,

I've been getting quite a few service dropouts for about a month. 

I'm using a Sagemcom TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub: version SG4K10002816t

The Broadband Connection appears stable and when working there is no apparent loss of speed or connectivity, but when the issue occurs I'm seeing a lot of "DNS Server not available" messages. 

This is evident on both Wired and Wi-Fi connections and is not specific to any one device, or the number of devices in use at any one time.

I've performed all the usual troubleshooting, changing Wi-Fi network channels on the router, resetting Network connections on our devices, resetting the router itself (works but the issue soon returns), etc.

The only thing that seems to have made an improvement is setting a manual IP4 DNS address on my Windows 11 device as (Unencrypted) & (Unencrypted).

Any Ideas?

Many Thanks,  Joe


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Hi Joe_Mezpit


The Huawei WIFI hub is on its way, please allow 24-48hrs for this to arrive.


Let us know how the connection compares with this router.





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Hi @Debbie-TalkTalk 

Yes please - could you send the Huawei WIFI hub 

Many Thanks

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Thanks @Skynet_TX,

We have a few devices reliant on the DNS so I'll see if I can try the Alternate Hub.  Thanks Again for the info.

Support Team
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Hi Joe


Apologies for this.


Would you like me to send a Huawei WIFI hub to see how the connection compares?



Community Star
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Hi @Joe_Mezpit,


This is a known problem with that version of the firmware, the DNS service can basically crash in the router, and so DNS resolution then fails until you reboot the router. A new version of firmware does exist that resolves this issue, but the rollout is currently paused whilst TalkTalk make a further small change to it.


One option would be for the staff here to send you the other make of Wi-Fi hub (the Huawei), as that is not affected by this issue. They should be able to respond to this post tomorrow to assist.


Alternatively, if you are comfortable with logging into the router and changing a setting then you may well be able to stop the issue from happening, but it is only a good idea to try this if you have a fairly simple home setup (i.e. just devices that need to access the internet), if you have devices that need to talk to each other and rely on your router to provide local DNS for the devices to find each other, then trying this workaround is probably not appropriate, as it may stop those devices from being able to see each other.


If you did want to try changing settings on your router then let me know and I'll post the details, you can easily undo the change if necessary.