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Slow broadband speed due to noisy line

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My broadband speed has recently (within the last month) slowed down from about 30 Mbps to 9Mbps. Having contacted the TalkTalk technical department they keep wanting to send me a new router and/or wait 48 hours. None of this will work due to the reason that I have had this problem before and I know the solution.


More than once in the past my broadband speed has decreased due to noise on the line. Accordingly the broadband speed decreases automatically in order to work through the noise. When the line is cleared of noise the broadband speed does not automatically revert to the optimum speed as this has to be done manually.

I have this information on good authority from a BT Openreach engineer.


The TalkTalk technical department is not interested in my comments and will take no notice of what I say. They think that a new router is the solution. I suppose it's cheaper than calling in BT Openreach to fix the problem but it just doesn't work. Waiting 48 hours and monitoring the speed doesn't work either as nothinh changes.


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I answered your question in Outlook so I will repeat it here as well.

There is no line noise now. There had been some crackling which had come from the BT Master box but the contacts were cleaned and now the line is clear. However the speed is still 9 Mbps and needs to be reset.


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Hi CaptJohn,


I'm sorry for the delay. I've run a test on the line which hasn't detected a fault. Just to confirm, is the noise still present at the moment or is the line now clear?