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WIFI reports internet down on FAST5364 3.00

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Hardware Version: FAST5364 3.00

Software version: SG4K10002816t

GUI Version: 3.7.8


Recently in the past few weeks I started facing this issue, and it has become more frequent now. We would have about total 10 to 12 devices connected to the router. Some are persistent connections using LAN like my NAS, some are persistent connections using Wifi, and others are mobiles, laptop, etc. 

Recently, it happens very randomly and not specific for any device or at any time. This happens on random devices at any random time. 


WiFi is connected and Internet is available, and then suddenly, it says No Internet available on the device. Wifi is still connected and I can login to the router from that device. If I log in to the router itself, I can connect to the router from that device, so it definitely confirms the Wifi is working. Then you check the Router says full internet connection is available. If I check from another device which is connected to the same Wifi network on the same 2.4Ghz or 5.0Ghz channel, they are all okay and have internet connections. 

It is using DHCP so it cannot be a conflict of IP either. I have seen and confirmed that there are no unwanted devices tagging to my network as I have named my devices and regularly keep an eye on who/whats connected. 

I have reset my router to the default and then re-configured the router but no use. 

Since me and my wife are working from home it causes major issues during work hours. The issue does not resolve itself, not in 5 to 10 minutes, even restarting the device, it will come up and connect to the Wifi but says 'No Internet'.

So the workaround is to switch from the 2.4GHz to 5.0Ghz or vice versa depending on which one the device is connected to at that time. The funny thing is, other devices are still working. 

Checking the logs, its filled with DNS errors about resolution (DNS name resolution failure), and I see that happens when we are connected to the office VPN, but thats not really an issue at all. There about 856 pages of log and I went through 40 pages manually and they are the same, but cannot get the full log downloaded to be able to filter and check. 


What is the reason of this type of issue? Is there a firmware update done recently that could have started causing this behavior? Since it does not tell me a date/time when the firmware was updated. 


Appreciate some prompt help here. 


Support Team
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Hi jimmax777


Please can you update your Community Profile to include your name and TalkTalk landline number, we can then look into this further.