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Can someone PLEASE tell me what is going on

Insightful One
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On or around 7th June, I telephoned TalkTalk to upgrade to Future Fibre. During that phone call, an appointment was made for an engineer to come to my house in order to carry out the installation. That appointment was for 23rd June 2022 between 1pm and 6pm. I took the day off work and waited in all day but no engineer arrived.


Additionally, on 22nd June 2022 (the day before installation) I noted that I had still not received any equipment. I telephoned the TalkTalk Future Fibre Team first thing in the morning and was told that the equipment had been sent but had been returned undelivered "through no fault of my own". The female who I spoke to filled out an order form and told me that equipment would now be sent to me and that I would receive a tracking number later that day. I never received any tracking number but I have since received both Eeros.


During that phone call, I asked whether or not I should let the engineer install Future Fibre or not since I had not received the equipment. I was concerned that I would be left without WiFi coverage in my home which would prevent my wife working from home. Where we live, mobile phone coverage is poor so we rely on WiFi calling from our mobile phones as well. I was told to let the engineer go ahead with the install and that I wouldn't be cut off from my current service. This is contrary to what the confirmation email states and I was not convinced by the answer I received.

I therefore went on to the TalkTalk Community Forums to ask my question there where I was able to establish that my existing TalkTalk WiFi Hub would work with the new connection - see


Based on this response, I was therefore happy to let the installation go ahead but intended to confirm all this with the engineer when they arrived - which they never did.


I again telephoned the TalkTalk Future Fibre Team and spoke to a male who said that my order appeared to be stuck in the system. I stated that I also wanted to make a complaint having taken time off work for nothing and for the complete lack of communication from TalkTalk. He filled out a form to get the order unstuck and stated that I would received a telephone call from a manager in 2 or 3 working days.


One week later, no phone call. I phoned the TalkTalk Future Fibre Team AGAIN this morning and spoke with a male called James who was very helpful and seemed to have found a solution for me. He put me on hold while he spoke to and transferred me to someone in sales to put my order through again. After a few minutes on hold my call was answered by a male named Sol from a completely different department. He told me to phone back the TalkTalk Future Fibre Team number and select option 8 then option 5. I did - but there is no option 8!!!


I phoned again and spoke to a female whose name I did not catch. Her solution was to tell me to phone back on Tuesday for an update. WTAF?!?!?


In summary, I've spent an hour on the phone this morning listening to different members of TalkTalk staff criticising the poor, nonsensical notes apparently placed on my file my their colleagues and I've to phone back on Tuesday to go through all that again?!?


Can one of the TalkTalk staff PLEASE look at my file and tell me what is going on as I am at a complete loss. My main priority is to get this mess sorted out but I would also like to know how to make a complaint about all of this. I'm the customer but I'm the one doing all the communicating and getting nothing in return bar wasted days off work.

Don't you just hate it when a sentence doesn't end the way you octopus.

Support Team
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Hi Dustybug,


I'm really sorry about this. I've sent you a PM to confirm some details so that we can look into this further