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Calling 14258

Community Star

Why am I answered with a new message about "caller rejection list"?


This service is supposed to be "last caller barring".


I haven't changed or selected anything different. 


The announcer correctly said I had 100 numbers on there (i.e. it's full) and this is right for my Last Caller Barring list.


Could we have an explanation for why this service has been changed, and does it all work with exactly the same procedures as per the instructions for Last Caller Barring?


Terrified of setting up something I don't want, which is not unknown with TT these days. 


My incoming ring tone is still suffering from the change to a long ring.....pause....long ring....pause instead of the traditional "bring, bring ....bring, bring...."


Life is bewildering enough at the moment without all these unexplained changes!

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Gliwmaeden2,


Apologies, I'll try and find out more about this and I will post back as soon as I know more.




Community Manager - TT Staff

Hi @Gliwmaeden2 ,


We've started and continuing to upgrade the platform which provides our calling features which is why you've noticed a slight change to this service and others. The product, how it works and how you use it remain the same however the "voice/message" for any of the pre-recorded messages are slightly different on this new upgraded platform. 


Appreciate the change may have been confusing but i can assure you it's nothing sinister just the newer version of the service. 

Stephen, Community Manager

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Community Star

Thanks, @StephenF.


It's a first shock just getting the different voice on there, but the jargon being used takes you aback.


It also seemed to suggest that I had just set this up, which is not the case, as I have had this for years.


Just more general communication for customers so that we don't get alarmed would be helpful. 


Perhaps a notice attached to the billing email about ongoing changes to the service?

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Gliwmaeden2,


I understand and I've fed this back.


Thanks 🙂