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Talk talk put late payment on credit file after I left

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Good afternoon,


I left talk talk in October 2022. I had been with talk talk 10 years and never once missed a payment then on leaving I was advised by phone when I asked I could cancel direct debit as I had paid the account up to date. Weeks later I received a £10 late fee although I had no balance to pay I tried to discuss this by phone and was told it would be rectified 2 weeks later it hadn’t been rectified so I paid the £10 a further month later I received another £10 late penalty fee due to my previous late penalty being paid late which… I shouldn’t have got a late penalty to start with the customer service never cancelled this as they said they would. I paid the further £10 fee right away to try put a stop to the situation and called talk talk again who again promised it would be sorted with accounts. 18 months on I have looked on my credit file to see not only am I £20 out of pocket but I have a late payment marker on my credit file from a month after I had left ! Please could I have contact details of somebody who can help me get this removed 


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Hi Lg1234


This has been investigated previously, the cease was made on the 1st Dec and the direct debit cancelled on the 5th Dec, the service was active till the 1st Jan (30 days) and a bill was produced inbetween which still needed to be paid.  


The marker has been deemed as valid