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removing tv charge

Whizz Kid
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I wish to remove the £4.00  TV charge from my billing so I traced through the various webpages and then I realised I had opened 20 tabs and I still had no idea how to remove this charge, then looking for a contact I found this message, however it lead me to various webpages and still did not give me the option to cancel this payment which I do not want and I have not got a settop box!


To remove or cancel a TV Boost, you'll need to head over to My Account and follow the steps below. Your Boost must have been active for more than one month (the minimum commitment period) to be able to cancel it without charge.

  1. Click on the Your Boosts tab to view those you are currently subscribed to
  2. Untick the ones you wish to cancel and click the Apply Changes button

Your Boost will be removed within 24 hours.


Now the charge has not been active for one month so maybe I have to pay the £4.00 and then I can remove it after one month!

Is this the answer? How do I recover the £4.00 charge? Is this how talktalk makes more money?

Why can I not contact a person/bot whatever to discuss this situation?



Community Star
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Whatever was agreed in early 2019 would have expired by now, as the maximum length of any contract is 2 years.


Each and every time that we renew we have to spell out to them whether or not we want TV.


None of us can remove it from our accounts. 


It is exasperating, but Talktalk is determined that online renewals include that charge.


You will still need to phone up to get it removed and challenge them if you believe it was set up without your consent. 


There may have been a link in an email that triggered something. 


Whatever caused it, contact the LOYALTY team directly, during the day.


I'll move this to the billing section in case you need further support, as it's an account issue rather than a problem with a service. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

Whizz Kid
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I checked the records and I complained re-TT settop box in 2018 and I returned the faulty settop box was returned to TT early 2019 I was assured that the box would be attached to my bill but no charge would be applied as I did not physically have a box. However recently I received notification of a new contract being applied to my account with  tv charge IF I applied for it. I was advised that if I did not apply for the NEW contract my account would continue as before with no changes but a new charging protocol. So I did nothing and I now see that the new contract with tv charge has been imposed! When I signed into my account there is no way to change the contract, and I searched the webpages until I was exhausted by the sheer futility of getting anywhere without complaining.


Community Star
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The TV charge is NOT a boost.


If you don't want this service and it was added when setting up your contract online,  there would not have been a way to remove it when ordering/renewing, @frank17.


It can't be removed in My Account by yourself. 


You need to phone 03451 720046, or use Chat, after 9am:



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.