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Faster fibre + speed boost device priority

Abi Stone
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I pay for faster fibre and fibre speed boost.


However even after extensive attempts to optimise service with help from an excellent forum member, it's still useless.


One person using their phone on wifi. 

One person playing a multiplayer game on an xbox.

Another person started an online game on a playstation and the xbox player lagged and got kicked out and was unable to rejoin. This isn't an isolated incident. The xbox goes from 32mbps to 500kbps! I have photos but the forum doesn't allow jpegs for some reason.


So hardly anyone using the wifi, but two consoles still can't both be using it at the same time despite faster fibre and fibre speed boost! 


Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but I will need a reliable connection as we are teaching remotely via google meets for the next two weeks, and I can't expect everyone else to get off of the wifi all day.


I need to know how to prioritise devices on the wifi please, otherwise I quite literally can't do my job.




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Hi Rephidim,


If you need help with anything can you please start your own thread and we'll be happy to help



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Why is it that when I use the "Chat to us now" button it never triggers anything and therefore I can never chat to anyone?


Support Team
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Hi Abi,


I can see that you have the Huawei wifi hub. Line test is clear and sync speed is 48.3Mbps. If you are experiencing problems you could initially try switching your router off for 30 minutes, then switch back on and check to see if there's any improvement




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Prioritising traffic or QoS is not really supported in a residential situation because as soon as the traffic goes out to the internet, which is not a QoS enabled network, all QoS packet markings are lost.


Some router's may allow a limited amount of prioritisation, what make/model or router do you have?

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