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Transfer problems

First Timer
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At the end of June I signed up to another ISP.

My switch over date was July 14th, on this day at 09;30 my phone/BB was turned off, cannot make or receive phone calls no BB.

The morning of the 15th rang the new ISP and was told that they could not proceed because "TalkTalk have removed the STOP" and would have to contact TT to get them to correct this.

I spent the rest of the morning trying to contact you, at least 3 times when passed to the relevant department you hung up on me, This has cost over £35 on mobile phone charges.

Without my requesting or you asking you sent a new router, this I did not accept , the courier took it back with him.

Today I received and email from you on how to setup the new router.

As of July the 14th I am no longer TalkTalk customer, you have terminated the service.

Could a member of staff please look into this.



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If you click on your profile picture in the top right hand corner there should be a little envelope in the top corner.





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Who is your new ISP and exactly what product have your ordered ?


If your old line was working there is absolutely no reason why that line cannot be patched over to your new ISP if they are providing service over a phone line.


If you are moving to FULL FIBRE then that's a different matter, however some ISPs provide a hybrid service with phone  over the old copper line so that will still work in that scenario.


It it's just a number porting issue I am sure staff here will be able to sort it as long as you actually asked your new provider to take the number as part of your order with them.




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Thank you for the response Chris unfortunately I have not received a PM.

Since posting I have found out that I now have to have a new line installed so some of the content is irrelevant now.

I have also posted under Billing.


I was a member of this forum many years ago but when requesting a new password for that username I did not receive a response so created a new account with an email under my own domain, corporate IT's sometimes reject the email.

I have been a TT customer since at least 2008


Support Team
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Hi Penmist,

I've sent you a PM to confirm some details so that we can look into this further