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Faster Fibre Prices

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TalkTalk now advertising faster fibre for 18 months at £19.50 so why am I paying 25.00. Wasn't TalkTalk adverising that existing customers will not pay more some time back, or is this now been changed.


A bit annoyed as I have renewed a month ago.

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Yes it has changed.


You can now only recontract within the last 90 days if your contract.

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fr8ys - thanks for the reply, my existing contract was about to end so I renewed well within time. At first I was offered a price with just a 12mth contract but asked for 18mth which I got but 25.00.


Why are not existing customers offered these lower prices and only to new customers, I have been with TalkTalk for a number of years now.


That's why I asked that I thought lower prices were also offered to existing customers as well.