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Accidental Upgrade

First Timer
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Hello all,


I was logged into my TT MyAccount and browsing the TV Upgrade options. I was keen on seeing the costing of multi-room and went through the TV order screen. There was no option for MultiRoom on the page displayed, so I clicked the confirm order expecting it to bring me through to another screen with multi-room etc options / costings. Instead it just went right ahead and placed the order. I tried to get this order closed off via Live Help but they were unable to help / assist immediately and said an escalation was required. Are you able to close down this order?


Secondly, I have had a few evenings with very slow WiFi speeds and lots of buffering on Netflix / Amazon Instant Video even in the same room as the main WiFi. I upgraded to the faster fibre via a boost for £2.50 a month, I have honestly noticed no difference, although hardwiring the TV whilst it was buffering and struggling fixed it right away so it must be the WiFi networking. I have browsed my account and discussed on Live Help but have been unable to remove the boost. Can you assist in the removal?


So to clarify, I do not want the YouView order and I want to remove the speed boost and revert back to the 38Mbps package. 


Support Team
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