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Bad installation finally fell apart

First Timer

So our installation fell apart when moving the router across the table. We managed to bridge the connection of the connector and terrible wiring using safety pins - yes not the best idea, but when you have been fighting with the service centre and getting now where, you have to do something to connect. 

can we please get an engineer to fix this. The wiring into the master socket is just as bad as the original, so when I pull it out to fit the microfilter that the service centre need apparently to test- not listen to the fact that it’s the damn cable and installation- I fear we are going to be lost to the internet for good.



I am not sure how much more I am willing to take. This issue has been reported so many times that I’ve lost count. The service centre need to listen, and perhaps get a photo upload feature.


no, it is not the microfilter.


no it is not the master switch.


no it is not an issue with anybody making a phone call. 

it is the installation of the connector, it has always been the installation. 


I am utterly fed up with this service.

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ADSL cables are readily available from a number of sources, including most supermarkets, and even well known £ stores (although I'd be wary of these if you need to move the router much).


On line you can also get a variety of lengths from various stores.


Leads are not normally covered by ISPs if they break.

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That does not appear to be any sort of ADSL cable supplied by TalkTalk.


All ADSL cables supplied by TT are GREY to correspond with the colour coding in the installation instructions.


Damage to any equipment, including the faceplate of the master socket and cables is your responsibility, so an engineer visit will cost you £40.


Suggest you spend a couple of pounds on a RJ11 cable, Amazon, eBay, Currys and Argos are your friends.



Martin, just a customer trying to help.