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Dsl light not on on BT Openreach Modem

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Hi my internet speed has been dropping in and out for a couple of weeks now. My current speed at its lowest is 3.12mbps download and 5.64 upload. I am on faster fibre with Superboost thingy! Should be around 75/80mbps. We had a brand new router from talk talk last year and a bt engineer came and rewired the lot last year so everything except the modem is new.

I have rebooted both modem and router and followed all the plug this here troubleshooting instructions. Today I’ve been on hold to talk talk for an hour and 17 mins eventually talking to someone who kept insisting on doing a line test, despite me telling her the dsl light wasn’t on, she took my mobile in case we got cut Off. We did and she never called back.


personally I think my modem needs replacing it is a very old one? Can someone who works for TalkTalk help with this please. My modem is a bt Openreach eci made in 2013. Photos attached. 


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Hi yes disposing of the bt router and just using the talk talk hub appears to have worked. Many thanks. 

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Hi viktorziggy


Apologies for the delay.


Has the connection been ok since your last post?





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I’ve removed it and WiFi appears to be working and speed test speed is good so far. Will keep running them through the day. Thanks for advice fingers crossed Removing this unnecessary item was the issue. 

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I have the talk talk WiFi hub. An engineer plugged everything in for me surely he would have removed what I didn’t need? Or would he? 


Whizz Kid
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Which TalkTalk router do you have?


you should be able to plug  your dsl cable directly into theTalkTalk Router instead of the ECI MODEM. 


Talk Talk routers have a built in modem.