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How can I have Fibre 35?

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I'm in a weird situation that I don't understand.


On Monday 22 February I contacted talktalk through their on-line chat function. Two earlier attempts to click on a hyperlink to upgrade to Fibre 35 had failed so I needed manual help.


So I apparently have now upgraded and was told I would start to receive the upgrade within 24 hours. I told the chat person that I didn't have Fibre installed into my house but the chat person was insistent that I did and it just needed an upgrade that would happen remotely.


So here I am, 48 hours later. The copper telephone line is still coming into my house. I have had no change to my download speed.


Are the chat people on commission to sell packages irrespective of whether or not you can actually receive them? 


How on earth can I have Fibre 35 until fibre is installed into my house? It makes no sense to me. Help please!


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The connection to your house will remain unchanged with Fibre 35, the actual fibre part of the service covers the link between your exchange and the local cabinet, from there it comes to your property on the existing copper line.


Have you tried a 30 minute shutdown of your router? This is long enough for the session to reset. If you don't see an improvement after that then post the DSL stats from your router.