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Moving from Virgin Media to Talktalk - overlapping service

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I'm thinking of moving from Virgin to Talktalk fibre, but am a bit worried about the connection process. I am video conferencing throughout the day for work, so can't really afford to have any connection downtime. I've read that Talktalk Fibre uses different wiring and infrastructure to Virgin, so does that mean the engineer can install the new wiring for Talktalk whilst leaving the Virgin connection untouched and working? 


Ideally I'd want to be using the Virgin connection for a few days after having Talktalk installed, then cancel Virgin and switch over once Talktalk has settled reliably, to ensure no problems. Would be great to know if that is possible?


Many thanks for any help/suggestions


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@Skynet_TX Thank you very much, this is really helpful

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Hi @gp123,


The TalkTalk service would come down a completely different cable to the Virgin Media service, so the Virgin Media service should carry on working fine and should not be affected by the TalkTalk installation. In theory you could have both of them live and running at the same time.


If you are planning to get TalkTalk Fibre 35 / 65 / 150 then this service comes down a standard Openreach phone line to a regular master phone socket in your home. Your Virgin Media connection would presumably be cabled from the street to a Virgin Media box on the outside of your home, and then a dedicated cable comes from that box directly to your Virgin Media router, and so would be unaffected by the TalkTalk install.


If you don't currently have an Openreach master socket in your home then an engineer would come and install one, this would be connected to an Openreach phone line to your property, the TalkTalk service would then come down that line.