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Moving house during a 12/18/24 month contract

S Bland
First Timer
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We are going to be living in temporary accommodation for the next 4-6 months before we move into our home. We are looking to sign up to a contract that can move with us rather than having to cancel when we move.


I have read the UFO moving house FAQs but they don't cover my queries :

- how many times can we move address under the UFO contract? 

- do we bring the router with us to the new house?

- are there any charges when we notify TalkTalk of our new address?

- we understand fiber is available at our new address, is there anything else we need to check?

- a previous customer reported that they lost the saving benefits when they moved house? Are there any hidden costs associated with moving house under the contract? 


Support Team
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You will have to speak to the UFO team, they can give you more information. 


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UFO is full FTTP and only available in York and few other areas, do both the temporary home and your next home lie in UFO areas ?


If the property has not been connected a cable will be needed to laid and an ONT/modem installed, which is not moveable between properties.


Your HUB is transportable between properties.


As for cost, have a look on the dedicated UFO board, someone there may have an answer.