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An absolute shambles, courtesy of Talktalk

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Ongoing issue - was supposed to receive a call today regarding my complaint - reference CMP-221113, was supposed to be between 2-4pm, surprise surprise, NOTHING.


"Dear Sir/Madam,

I wish to complain regarding the lack of service regarding an ongoing issue with your Future Fibre 500 package that we signed up for late last year.

Please see below for a full background and timeline of events.

1. On the 9th March 2020 we (as at the time Faster Fibre customers) received, and in turn, signed up for a free trial of your Future Fibre, to quote:

“Your Future Fibre broadband is totally free for 6 months, with download speeds of 100Mb/s guaranteed.
You’ll just carry on paying for your existing service for the rest of your current contract. After this trial period, you can decide to stick with your original service or switch to the faster and more reliable Future Fibre broadband.”

2. The Future Fibre was installed on the 20th March by an Openreach engineer – although the Fibre Connection wasn’t active until April, after which we experienced no issues with the connection – however I should point out that after the supposed 6 month trial period had lapsed, nobody had been in contact with us. This likely will have been an indirect result of the pandemic surging at this time.

3. On the 12th November 2021 we received an email inviting us to a trial for Future Fibre 500 with Digital Voice for £28 a month for 18 months (first 3 months free as part of the trial) – to quote:

“Great news, Matthew. We’re offering you the chance to upgrade to Future Fibre on an 18 month contract, giving you average speeds up to 500Mb/s. This means we’ll be connecting Fibre straight to your home, giving you faster and more reliable broadband. This is normally from £28 a month for 18 months. But you can get it totally free for the first 3 months as part of our exclusive Digital Voice trial.

Our brand new Digital Voice Service allows you to make and receive calls over your internet connection rather than your landline providing you with higher sound quality. Not only is it backed by our fastest ever broadband, but it’s also paired with the award-winning Amazon eero router. This game-changing technology extends your signal into the hardest-to-reach corners of your home. This is the future of home calling, and you could help to shape the experience. We’ll even cover any call charges during the trial.”

4. I contacted yourselves on the 14th December 2021 as I wished to upgrade to the 500Mb download package, and received a confirmation email on the 20th December confirmed an engineer appointment on the 4th January 2022 – this is where it appeared to start going wrong.

Although I made it clear that we already had the necessary Future Fibre equipment installed, the agent on the phone advised that we would still require an engineer booking to complete the setup.

5. The engineer sure enough arrived on the 4th January 2022, and spent no longer than 10 minutes at the property as he was surprised to see that an ONT was already installed and no other work was required.

6. With this we thought that everything had gone ahead as normal, but then I noticed that there was no change in speed whatsoever – we were (and still are) getting download speeds around 90Mbps – 100Mbps, and uploads of around 20Mbps, far short of the minimum guaranteed speeds advised in the email received on the 14th December:

7. After many (frankly frustrating and dead-ended) calls and online chats to and with your Future Fibre support team, another engineer visit was arranged for mid January. The engineer subsequently discovered that there were 2 installations at our property – please see the below information provided to me by the Openreach engineer (and also sent to yourselves at your “peassurance@talktalk...” email address):

8. After again hearing nothing regarding Openreach’s findings, I contacted yourselves to ask that you take the necessary action in order for us to finally be able to use the package that we signed up for. I was then advised that this was being done and I would receive confirmation of the closure of the connection that we’re not able to use – I received an email titled “We’d love you to stay with us” – and was advised also to contact yourselves on or around the 4th February.

9. I called yourselves on the 4th February and was given the number of 0800 049 6253 to call in regards to having the original trial Future Fibre connection upgraded accordingly. I was then informed that this would be for £35 per month – in direct contradiction of the price of £28 contractually agreed on the 14th December 2021.

All I ask is that the trial connection that we had installed back in March 2020 is upgraded to the 500 package correctly at the agreed price – but from the start, it sadly appeared to lie beyond the abilities of the majority of agents I have spoken to – this isn’t a particular pretty indication of the level of training given for this particular product.

I await your response."

So it's now getting on for 4 months - and I'm basically getting a 100Mbps connection for the grand price of nothing, as you've closed the account 500Mbps that I wasn't receiving, and have not done anything to migrate the trial connection over as per the above.


Frankly getting a bit tired of this incompetence now.


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Well, the issue was finally resolved.


How? Turns out that something was "wrong" with the order which explains why there was no sign of the router or an engineer.


So with that being the last straw, I've resolved the issue by cutting all ties with TalkTalk and going with Sky instead.


No offence to any staff, but your company's methods and communications are the most woefully inept, shambolic and dreadful I've ever seen, and I will be advising people to steer clear for a long time.


So long, farewell TalkTalk (2012-2022)


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Sorry but I don't have access to the future fibre orders. 


By calling us the team will be able to help.


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@Arne-TalkTalk that may depend on the account in question, it isn't against the email address that this community account is linked to.. 


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Hi RetroDadUK


You will need to call the future fibre team, I cant see any orders progressing on your account. 


Sorry for any inconvenience caused 


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Hi @Gliwmaeden2, still nothing heard.

Supposedly due to go live today - if nothing comes of this I'll be off to a different provider that actually knows what it's doing... 


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I'll escalate this for you, @RetroDadUK

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Literally 2 days to go, and still no confirmation email, texts of any sort from either yourselves or OpenReach. No receipt of the Eero I was advised I'd be receiving (which is pretty funny considering I've got the one from my previous account, won't be returning anything until I've either received the new one).


Can someone check the status of my order? Details are in my profile.


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Hi Arne,


Still waiting on new equipment and confirmation email.


I'll be honest, I'm not exactly confident that this issue will be resolved on the 23rd.


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Found the order reference from the online chat history: S00255045. Appointment reference for engineer is ADB3C16FR.


Supposed to go live on the 23rd June (not ideal - received a substantial credit from the complaints team as compensation but would've gladly accepted an earlier connection), engineer due to show up also on that day - can imagine the fun involved when they see there's already an ONT installed.



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Hi, Once the order is accepted the confirmation will be sent, I cant see Future fibre orders until its accepted.


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Hi Arne,


I managed to get through early yesterday evening and I think it's all ordered now - only question I have is how long do I have to wait to receive email confirmation of the order? Are you able to check at all? I didn't make a note of the order reference sadly.


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Hi JimmyJangle


When you get through to sales I would advise saying you are not an existing customer.  


The future fibre team will not be able place a new order  Sorry.


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Thanks Chris,


The only issue I'm having now is that I'm trying to get to the appropriate sales department (0800 049 1420 apparently), but it's not particular very user friendly - it asks if I'm an existing customer - do I tell it Yes as I kind of am, or no because I've had my accounts basically closed? 

Alternatively, would you be able to ask the FF team to place the order for the Fibre 500 (at the previously agreed £28 per month as per the original thread - and the notes left on my account by the complaints team)?


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I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused by this issue. If you already have the ONT installed then the engineer probably won't need to access your home but they may do if there is any problems during the installation process


Regarding compensation, please see - About your auto compensation credit - TalkTalk Help & Support



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To continue from the original post:

10. On Thursday 26th May I received a call from the complaints team asking if my fibre was running at 500mbps - spoiler: it wasn't. They then asked me to disconnect the ethernet cable from my Eero router and connect my laptop directly to the ONT to test. I'm not sure how or why but this action subsequently led to the internet connection being completely lost. I was then advised by the Future Fibre support team on a separate call that, due to the issues explained prior, that the best course of action would be for both the trial and the proper account to be closed (the proper account was already disconnected at this point). I would then need to speak to the sale team to get a new account set up with the correct speeds, price etc - I should point out that this isn't ideal as I don't see why I should be making these calls when it's TT's mess to begin with.


11. I then went away for the week on Saturday 28th May for a week - on Tuesday 31st I received another call from your complaints team advising that they've now sorted the issue, I should have an account up and running and I will see this when I arrive home and turn on my equipment.


12. Arrive home on Saturday 4th June, turn on ONT and Eero - lo and behold, nothing. Call Future Fibre support who advised that they'll get an engineer to come out as apparently the serial number for the ONT at your end doesn't match the one on the ONT at my property.


13. Engineer arrives around midday on the 6th June - advises that he has sorted the issue and the ONT serial's should now match and everything is OK as far as Openreach is concerned, he advised me to contact yourselves if there was no change... No change.


14. Called Future Fibre support - advised that there's no internet as I've no connected account (so call on 31st May was a lie). Said I'd need to speak to Sales department myself and order new account, but this would be taking into account the initial special offer.


15. Called sales line, was advised OK but an engineer would need to be booked also (here we go again). This brings me to the current point.


No internet access of any sort

A child of 13 who relies on the internet to revise for upcoming exams.

An autistic child who relies on the internet for lesson aids and specialist content that's only available online.

So I've now got two questions:

1. Why do I require an engineer visit when placing this "new" order when we already have an ONT installed?

2. What is TalkTalk going to do if/when this issue is resolved to compensate for the sheer misery I've had to endure being sat on hold and in fruitless calls to your customer service teams (I've tallied it - 20 hours at least)?


I await your response.


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OK, thanks for letting me know 🙂


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Confirmed, now able to access main account again.


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OK thanks, that should be changed now



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Also done! 


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Thanks but could you also just add the email account that the other account is set up with, to the private notes section of your Community Profile (hope that makes sense)