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iMac email problem

David Samways
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I had a problem with my apple Mail app (2009 iMac OS10.11.6) a couple of weeks ago when it constantly returned the message that the server was temporarily unavailable. I had to delete the account and reinstate it to solve the problem


Today, like many people, I've not been able to get mail with an error message of "internal server error". I can log on to webmail, but it does appear that the new "upgrade" in mail is blocking Apple Mail from accessing the server.


Anyone got any ideas of how to fix this without deleting the account again. Or is it just a temporary problem?


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Hi David


A temporary issue that you should find is now fixed. There's been sticky posts at the top of this board, the latest is here, and updates have been given out on Service Status : Email.


If your Apple mail app requests you to log in with your password then setting the app to remember the password and entering it just the once should re-enable the use of the app and restore normal operation.

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