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Hub new firware - NAT

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi coastliner,


I've received an update from our product team, they've looked into this and say it's an issues with the firmware, they've logged it with the router vendor and the issue will hopefully be addressed in the next firmware release, apologies for any inconvenience 


First Timer

Was this issue ever resolved? I want to do the same thing, but being unable to turn NAT off is frustrating. I've set up router up as a separate access point for the time being.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Twindle,


I'm sorry for the delay. There are no additional updates since our last post. Once new firmware is available then your router will be automatically updated to the latest version.




First Timer



Can you please confirm if this has been addressed yet? It's clearly an issue affect a lot of TalkTalk customers as I can see many different replated posts on this community site.


Your adverts claim a 'game-changing Wi-Fi hub' and you're falling at the first hurdle not being able to provide basic hardware functions like control of NAT. 


A customer should completely be able to use their own routers is they wish and it shouldn't be this difficult to have resolved, especially when you've had community posts from back in 2017 questioning this.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi thtmichael,


Apologies, there is still no specific date at the moment, however the new firmware for the wifi hub should be going through testing soon.




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Almost November now... NAT still can't be disabled and my firmware version never changes: SG4K10002600t

Are you defeneatly sure that firmware upgrades are not a rare diamond in talktalk?


I could state several bugs on this firmware that I'm sure many others have reported and still.... nothing happens!

Should we be really happy for this?

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I've just found this thread as I want to do the exact same thing. I'm using a D-Link COVR mesh setup which acts as the router, so just want the TalkTalk router to essentially do nothing apart from pass on the gigabit connection. My NAT slider turns itself back on too.


Looking at the replies, don;t get your hopes up. The responses feel like "Sure, we've logged your concern" which we all know means "We'll ignore this, but if WE decide to change this in the future, then it'll get done".


Time to find a cheap gigabit modem then. Surely someone sells a basic modem with no WiFi or any other features?