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Price of Fibre reduced

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Yesterday I had an on-line chat to discuss the new price of Fibre.  I have been with TalkTalk since the very beginning, that is quite a few years, so I asked what is available to me.  I was told that the price that I have seen at £19.95 is for new customers and price for existing customers is £25.00. So once again another company that does not reward loyalty.  After some whinging I was told that the manager had agreed to me paying £19.95.

I was very happy at that point, however, that was until I was told that I currently still have 3 months and 12 days until the end of my current contract so this means I will need to have a period of 90 days and less to be able to renew my plan. So no renegotiation to my contract can take place until then.
Brilliant!! Thanks a bunch TalkTalk and thanks for imposing the new £4 charge on TV. Is this how they can reduce the cost of Fibre to new customers I wonder?
Has anyone managed to renegotiate mid-contract?

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Thanks anyway Arne


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I also tried to get this new offer and was refused.


Frustrating as I only have a few months left of my contact and willing to sign up for another 18months so you're guaranteed to have me locked in for longer plus i have the entertainment tv boost and happy to pay the extra £4 tv charge, seems stupid not to offer it to me.


But now you're probably going end up losing me later this year, TalkTalk seems to be going against everything it stands for recently. It's what made you different from the rest (BT, Sky) being able to change your package and take up new offers whenever you wanted, such a shame.


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It is a new policy introduced November last year, however as others have discovered with a bit of discussion new deals can be applied to existing customers account.


Sorry for any confusion caused. 


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@jaspertat wrote:

Found it.

It is a clause in the T&C of new offers-

It used to be that you could take a new offer anytime after the first 30 days. They even made a big deal of the fact that existing customers could always have the best deal. Then late last year they snuck this new "90 days remaining" condition in without informing existing customers.


I got in touch with them last week prepared to have this out with them in light of recent new customer deals. But they offered me a great deal with any fuss or argument. So this 90-day thing isn't a hard and fast rule.


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Found it.

It is a clause in the T&C of new offers-



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Mmmm, it is beginning to sound like one of those things TT's call staff pluck out of the air. Rather like my deal which apparently "didn't exist".


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I renewed last week at a lower price with 6 months remaining on my contract.


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I saw the 90 day thing in these forums, I made a note of it but not which thread it was on.

Anyway, I am interested in OCE_Arne's findings too.


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Thank you OCE_Arne. I appreciate that.




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Hi rappy30


As far as I was aware existing customers can renew at any time.


I will look into this for you and get back to you. 




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KenC - Thanks for trying to shift TalkTalk to respecting existing customers. There was a . brief, time when they boasted that all customers would be treated the same. Ha.
I thought this might be the moment when I could shift from copper to fiber but I will save myself the hassle. TT shoots itself in the foot again.
No more revenue from me and no point in taking a TV deal with the slower speed.