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Enlightened One
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Asking for help i want to get 150mbps installed from here NOT over the phone
and TT will never get my every day use mobile number not after last time scam calls
central pretending to be from tt and it say i need to give my mobile number on site
if this is the case i will go an buy one of them £50 phones from argos.


Can i call TT to upgrade to real 150mbps fibre even though i have a open case
it should have been fixed today not in 2 to 3 days as Openreach sabotaged it again in the first place
this should be never happening someone needs sacking for this. and the copper junk is now worthless always has been for fake fibre with stupid DLM right idiot who invented DLM its nothing but problems!



Why can i not upgrade to 150mbps fibre from here??? instead of over the phone.

please give reasons because i never get a straight answer. or my post is removed I have a BIG problem with TTs disgusting call centers Vodafone are lots worse than TT just thought id say


BUT Please give me a real reason why i can not arrange to have 150mbps fibre
installed from here


I have Been with TT about 20 years as the saying goes sick with the devil you know than the one you don't SO HELP ME HERE TALKTALK feels like TT are making fun of me?


Also i am out of contract why i want a new contract with TT F knows


F---ing help please i am getting more and more depressed every day and this
garbage internet i have right now but TT don't care i spend most of my time on youtube helps
my problems i don't sleep much and youtube takes my mind off things worry less about my
mum who not too is not well right now and then again it says I have high data usage i will show TT high data usage when i get real fibre 1TB test files don't come with that crap to me sick of been made fun of. And i have tried to take my own life more than once tt may just help me to try again!


Sorry but the staff and mods here need to be more understanding with people like me
yes that's right "MODS" sorry i don't do that posh community stars crap.

Screen cap taken of post for complaint if removed again


Thank You



I am a lot happier when I don't have to deal with TalkTalk customer services on the phone

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@Not-Happy looks like you can ditch the "copper junk" and DLM for good.


The only fly in the ointment is that you lose the landline, so if you ever need to call you'll have to use a mobile.


Support Team
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Hi @Not-Happy 


Im sorry that you are not happy. 


Upgrades and renewals have to be done via our loyalty team over the telephone on 03451720046 due to sales compliance, the calls are recorded to ensure the named account holder is making the changes and agreeing the price etc, also to avoid any mis-selling of the product. 


Future Fibre is available to you, so they will need to speak to you to arrange an install date, as an engineer will be required to go into your property to install to required connections for FTTP. 


Sorry that you don't agree with this process, sadly there is no other option. 












Problem Solver
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I would first look at this link and check if on here first,


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Do you want Fibre 150 over the phone line or Future Fibre 150 - Data Only.


If it's the first, you need to be in an area where Openreach have added the module to the local cabinet AND with a line length of no more than around 300m form your home to the cabinet, it just does not work on longer lines.


For Future Fibre 150, have Openreach or CityFibre linstalled fibre cables in your area ?


If either of the above are available, then they will show in your online account as available upgrades, no need to call anyone, you can order via the website.


However, I believe staff here do not have access to the ordering system, so they cannot assist in placing an order for you.


I am sure they will confirm that when they come back to work and reach this topic.