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Router firmware SG4K100136

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I think my router was updated this morning to this firmware (looking at the logs)


I experienced connection drops throughout the morning between 09:30 and 11:30.


I have restarted the router and Powerline adapters that have been working well.


Line speed has gone down slightly from about 48Mbps to 47Mbps, the upstream is unchanged at around 7.7Mbps.


WiFi performance seems okay (Speedtest on iPhone SE 2020)


LAN throughput Speedtest to (Powerline) gaming PC is down to around 20Mbps from 40Mbps+



Checked the Powerline link speed and it's ~600Mbps, which is normal.





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So, I went to another TT customer with the Huawei Super Router (firmware v1.05t) and it delivers the whole of the broadband speed over PLAs (TP-PL4022KIT) without issue, exactly as I'd expect, none of the throughput issues. Physical link speed is reported at ~370Mbps which is very acceptable for this AV600 rated kit.


Broadband sync to the router is 26.4Mbps downsteam and the PLA can deliver a steady 25Mbps to the device.


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I'm glad to hear you have reached an agreement with our colleagues.



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Thank you. I have reached an agreement with them to leave on a Right to Leave 6 day notice. 

I can’t get full fibre for 5 weeks but at least this is now a finite period.


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Hi steviejay


Thanks for your reply.


I would suggest contacting our Loyalty Team so they can discuss this with you.




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Update: The Openreach (OR) engineer came yesterday. 


We have what is known as a 'cable fill' issue. Basically, this means the cable providing the service is unable to perform to capacity (in the words of the engineer "too much is being asked of it") there is a 100m stretch of cable between my property and the street cabinet where the recent additional loss is being observed.


The engineer has raised the fault internally and the only 'solution' would be replacement but unless enough people complain or connections drop entirely then basically (and reading around on this), there is little chance of a solution.


So basically I've lost even more line performance. The router is sat at a 0dB margin downstream (pretty much think it's been at 6dB except in times where there have been other rectified issues). Historically from 2013 10/40 (capped), 10/52 (c), 13/63 (uc), 8/48 (lost at Ombudsman) and now 6.5/35. The issue may explain the throughput if there is packet loss due to error trapping or it may be that the firmware update has impacted the modem and a marginal situation has tipped. I can't see error rates on this router (not sure I want to) but reading around the situation I quickly found a thread online where another user has been enduring a cable fill issue for 11 years, so I don't expect even mobilising people in my vicinity to monitor or complain about speed would have a guaranteed effect.


I got an email from TT this morning saying my issue was resolved by the engineer, it's really not and I guess it will be a call to CS on Monday to argue the speed drop allows me to leave or determine the contract buyout to leave the network for FTTP. In itself, that seems a step I was reluctant to take but as this service will not improve I feel there is no choice available to me.


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I will absolutely hold you to a raincheck on that one (didn't go for the REINcheck pun 🙂 )


Update: After complaining yesterday, a QUBE engineer was sent and checked my equipment and connections, finding no fault. 🙄


He seems to think it (line speed) is a DLM issue and I have been in touch with TT TS to book an Openreach engineer (8-1 slot tomorrow, 28/05).


I would like to add that I have installed Powerline adapters at another site on a different exchange and it exhibits the same lack of throughput - connection is 9/40Mbps and throughput is 6.5/9Mbps so about a quarter 😐. Physical link speed is reporting as 360Mbps (AV600 this time, not AV1300 like I use).


Router is a TalkTalk Sagem with (you guessed it) firmware SG4K100136....


I really think this is worthy of investigation.  


Caveat: I can (intermittently) see PLAs from what I think is an adjacent property, the link speed is slow (<~40Mbps) but I have confirmed with the resident that the Consumer Unit is scheduled for updating October this year. Unfortunately, the neighbour is away on holiday, so simply being able to ask if he had PLAs wasn't possible. 


No, I don't recommend the encryption because a) it slows the link down, b) the encryption can break and is a pain when adding subsequent units, c) there is seldom need to segment connections and d) there is zero to very little chance of anyone tapping the network. I've never seen signal bleed from an adjacent property ever since installing PLAs since they became affordable (a long while ago).


Support Team
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Hi steviejay


Would you like me to change the firmware on your router to see how the connection compares?


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Just a word of warning to anyone facing similar issues.


TalkTalk CS, TS and management (?!?) are still jerking me around over this.


A replacement router (which I had to argue for based on the first TS rep suggesting it might be a misflash or a hardware issue) performed identically.


So far, there has been no engineer visit (TalkTalk insistent is is not a line issue). Management has failed to meet a promised 24 hour call back promised from both CS and TS. The manager had to approve the router (which duly arrived within one working day) but has failed to grasp the issue. 


Line speed is continuing to drop, it's now sat at 35.3Mbps downstream. Throughput is becoming irrelevant as I've lost 25% of the speed at the router. IDK if that screams line conditions to you, but yeah, no engineer visit. There's just been a systematic degradation of my service and experience that first manifested at that firmware update. The replacement router had the same updated firmware from the get go.


Each time I call I'm asked the same things over and over. Pin reset the router, go in the test socket, etc. It's in the test socket now.


The biggest thing is CALL THE HELPLINE AND LOG THE FAULT. I spent far too long trying to get the answers here and monitoring (for the benefit of others) my 30 day wait to leave without penalty if the fault can't be fixed.


You can see when this thread started. I've only had it officially logged since May 13 when I rang the helpline. It will be two weeks tomorrow and another 16 days before I can leave without penalty. But it is not fun.


I feel like being a paying customer means nothing to them.


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Hi steviejay


I'm really sorry to hear this.


If you contact our Loyalty Team then they can discuss this with you.






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This update is garbage. I want to leave my contract. 


The router was working fine, you update it and everything turns to garbage, utterly fed up with the lack of QOS and speed losses, it's not even ultrafast at 40-odd Mbps.


Can't connect to SkyGo because I'm downloading a game? WU takes over 1 hour because?


Router can't handle multiple devices, it was better before this update even though there was no QOS it's best effort was enough.


I can saturate and kill it with one person use. Garbage.

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Hi steviejay


Do you have a test socket under the face plate? Would it be possible to connect the router at the test socket (just for testing purposes)




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It is a single SSFP. 


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Hi Stevie,


DLM has changed your profile a couple of times which has resulted in a drop in sync speed. Is your router currently connected to the test socket?



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I have already switched them fully off and back on. My actual router drops connection far more often than these plugs. Physical link speed is always very good. 


It is a needs must scenario, there is no way I can discreetly or without extreme expense put a physical wire from one floor to the other.


Additionally, sync speed is down to 40.8Mbps. Can I have the older firmware back?

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I'm sorry to hear this and thanks for the update. Does this also happen if you remove the powerline adapters for a short period?





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So basically a hard wired connection last night was problematic.


Router GbE Ethernet>Unmanaged GbE switch>Laptop (CAT5e, Fast Ethernet)


The switch connects to all things TV - smart OLED, FreeviewPlayHD STB, UHD Bluray, FreesatHD PVR and Laptop. Only the laptop was really pulling data, all other devices standby or background only.


Streaming is normally fine, but we tend to record programming so catch up or streaming is not often used. Similar issues were experienced Saturday with occasional buffering glitches, but this is twice now.


I'll open up the other laptop now and post a speedtest into the post to give you a wired reading.



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Hi steviejay


Is this the same if you run a wired speed test?


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@Debbie-TalkTalk A bit variable. The download 'needle' starts around 25Mbps then climbs throughout the test. It used to 'fly round' to almost 40Mbps and pretty much stay there. This is at at the moment.



There are other devices connected but they aren't pulling any data, the most significant would be the Smart speaker pulling a radio stream (~100Kbps). It's definitely been upset. I'm going to switch the router Ethernet ports back to how they were.


WiFi seems unaffected (I only use 2.4GHz, 5GHz (is OFF) range is not great although 2.4GHz is congested, but if I fix the output channel rather than let the router decide, it stays less contended).

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Hi steviejay


Apologies for the delay.


How has the connection been since your last post?






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So, there was a re-sync last night (around 03:00). Line sync is 7.4/44.9 from a fairly steady 8/48. Hopefully it improves.


But it appears throughput is back.



So my initial point in the other thread was, why can't we be advance notified of stuff like this? If the majority ignore....that's on them. I'd like to be aware. I've had two days of wracking the brain to think if it could have been anything else.