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Broadband username/password

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Hi - I'm trying to set up an old modem I have (a BT Homehub 4) to use in place of the one TT supplied. The modem requires a user name and password.There was a forum post about this a year ago, but no solution that I can see,


Does anyone know where I can find my TT user name and password?


Thanks, Rob

-- Cheers, Rob

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Hi Rob


The help article you need is Set up a non-TalkTalk router 


There are two versions of the Home Hub 4, a retail version that will work with any Communications Provider and the one supplied by BT retail that is set up for the BT network. The broadband username and password aren't needed for authentication on the TalkTalk network when using a fibre connection.  The authentication is provided by a tag inserted by the DSLAM equipment in the street cabinet.  Just use any username and password to keep the HH4 happy.

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Hi hubtt


Apologies for the delay.


I can see that Gondola has linked you to our help page.






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Many thanks both - that solved one problem! I can set up the hub and it seems to connect to my computer and local network. But whenever I try to connect to the internet using blank entries in the username and password the following error comes up:


"The Broadband username that you’ve entered is either incorrect or is not supported by your BT Home Hub"


and it returns to the default BT username. The guide I've followed is here:


Any further help would be appreciated - but it may be this hub is locked out of using with other ISPs for some reason.

-- Cheers, Rob

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Hi hubtt,


Yes it sound like the router is locked to BT, I take it, it doesn't connect with the default BT username and password (some routers just need a username and password to be entered even if they're not required for authentication)?