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When are talktalk going to pull there finger out of there ass and fix there mess up's ? 


There fast enough to take our money but super router slow to fix there junk


I had to revert back to my old and what seems slow HG633 router due the the NOT so super router DG8041W with its naff port forwarding.


I have looked all over and all i see is the standard response  "our team are working on it we will update you as soon as we know" well not good enough pls remember the customer is always right so sort the crap out that you send to customers or start loosing them ppl have had enough of the bs.


Bt is looking  like the place to go i never had issues with them now i am wondering why i left them.

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Can I just confirm, what specifically are you trying to do/change?





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The feature is available it just dont work lol


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@martin123456 wrote:

would i want to pay out for another routor ? Thats apart of the service that talktalk supplies hence they send you a router at least send a working one..

So just to be clear, are you saying that the router is faulty and you want them to send you a replacement?


The way I read your original post was that you were complaining about a specific feature not available (at present) on the DG8041W, In which case, my previous comment stands. TalkTalk supply a basic router which will get you connected to the internet, and most people are happy enough with that. Many of us who want features not available on the standard ISP supplied models buy our own routers.



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I left bt s i moved in to my girls place and she insisted on talktalk (god knows why)


As for there working on  the issue i suggest you read back how long this issue has been going on for and for the other nugget why would i want to pay out for another routor ? Thats apart of the service that talktalk supplies hence they send you a router at least send a working one..

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@martin123456 , If the issue you have is with the quality and/or features on the router, rather than the actual internet service, don't forget that you always have the option of buying and using your own third party router as many of us do. you are not forced to use TalkTalk's router. I never use ISP supplied routers except in emergency or for testing purposes.


As to why you left BT, only you can answer that question.

Several times on this forum, I have seen people use phrases along the lines of "I never had any problems with my previous supplier", and the first thought that pops into my head is "why did you leave them then?"


Also, as @martswain points out, you have your own mess to sort out. Your spelling and grammar is atrocious.




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I don't think TT have a finger in their donkey.


I am sure they're working on sorting out the port forwarding issue.


By all means head back to BT if you think things will be better there.


I bet you left BT because TT were cheaper !