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Old or faulty internet hub

First Timer

We have had internet with Talk Talk for years now, but I have since moved out, so it's down to my mother, who knows nothing about technology, to deal with issues.

Her internet constantly stops working, and she has to hard reset the box everytime to get it to come back on. This happens a couple of times a month, which is ridiculous. 
After dealing with an emergency with my extremely ill grandfather, she came home and thought she was using wifi on her phone for the rest of the night, however was using 3G the whole time, as the internet hub had stopped working YET AGAIN.

This resoluted in £24 worth of data charges and her phone service being suspended, in a time when she desperately needed it to keep in contact with my grandfather and family. In Covid times, when she's not at work, she can't afford this £24 charge, all because the hub stops working constantly!! 

Can we get a new hub sent out, as ours is years old at this point, so I'm wondering if that's the issue, or does someone need to come see it?

(on another note regarding the charges. You emailed twice at 11:50am to tell me both the monthly data had been used, and also that we'd gone £8 over.  So no chance to stop the use at all which is disgusting.  At this point, I informed my mum who stopped using her phone. However at 7:01am the next day, despite her not using data, I received another email saying she now had a bill of £24 and her account was suspended. 
When I checked the itemised usage, all this detail was supposedly around the 2-3am mark on the 6th Nov.  Despite the fact she was asleep, after dealing with the family emergency, and this can be proven using her iphones 'screen time' tracking. 
So please explain how someone can use over £20 of data when they aren't on their phones)

I could see now other place to complain, so had to fit this part in here. 

Community Star

@JC193, please see here re the mobile charges.


Re the hub, Chat is available every day.


Available from links on this page:


If you need further help from TT staff on the forum you are required to complete your community forum profile details. 


Don't post any personal information on the open forum. 


Go via your avatar/name; settings; from the drop down menu that starts with "email" choode Personal Information; put in your TT landline number and a fallback mobile phone number; in Private Notes at the end of that section put your mother's name and address, landline phone number etc. Save changes. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

You don't need the phone in your hand to use data, many will update APPs all by themselves unless you change settings to use WiFi only


Again, depending on APP and phone settings, periodic connections to collect email may occur.


As you have found, data usage updates are not real-time and take some time to update.

First Timer

I do have her phone set up to only update apps, or push emails through when connected to wifi as I didn't want this issue to happen. But thank you for your reply, I do appreciate it.

As for the data usage updates not being real time, it seems silly that the itemised bill says £12 of data was used at 2:46am if this isn't actually correct.

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Hi JC193,


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