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Shockingly poor customer service

First Timer

Brand new to talktalk everything was going great equipment came on time . Then Today our new talktalk line was meant to be installed by a bt openreach engineer this morning . The engineer arrived to say his is so sorry but talktalk have not setup the job correctly that they have given him the wrong cab number to install the new line that he will pass back the job and for us to contact talktalk. Well this is were is gose all wrong i phone talktalk via my mobile phone due to no land line i explain the probelm to then be put on hold twice then explaining the problem three times 28 minutes later i gave up as the call taker still did not know what the problem was . So i fault ok i will go onto talktalk live web chat to give over my details for then be to told wait a couple of minutes whilest they look into this to be told your services is not acttive by now iv had enought so i go to type if this cant be resolved cancel my order befor i sent the message i get a message to say my order has been canceled so rather then deal with a problem talktalk cancel your order what great customer service 

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Hi @Supersouth 


Check your Community Profile Personal Information (Click here) includes your name, address, the allocated TalkTalk landline 'phone number and an alternate number (mobile recommended). Add, then scroll down and add the order reference to Private notes and save changes. The TalkTalk Community Team OCE will then be able to link to your proposed TalkTalk service account and sort the new line order for you with Openreach.


Heads up that the TalkTalk team will pick this up on Monday.

 Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2021

To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @Supersouth


I will look into this for you and get back to you. 




First Timer

I phoned talktalk customer service with the phone line that had been installed in our home using 150 to be told non of my talktalk services are active hmmmm im speaking to you from the phone line now . After 10 minutes of trying to explain what has been going on i gave up and asked for all my talktalk services to be canceled which was done in under 5 minutes such a shame it wasnt like that to resolve the problems . So thank you for saying you will look into this for me but its a little late now not obce have talktalk contact me iv done nothing but live chat email and phone . 

Community Team - TT Staff